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Fracture -

Fracture is a UK based skate/streetwear brand that was born out of a love of skating and quality clothing. Our hardware is used from entry level right up to the top of the game and we have a reputation for supplying the best posssible product at competitive prices

Fracture Premium Bearings ABEC5

The Fracture Premium Bearings ABEC5 are designed with UK riding in mind. A good quality bearing for a reasonable price. Special Features include:* Abec 5 Rated* New...

Fracture Triple Pad Set

Fracture Triple Pad Set good quality Knee, Wrist and Elbow pads at a super affordable price. These are our standard go to pad sets and are used by many activity centers too.

Fracture Comic Complete Skateboard

Fracture Comic V2 Complete Skateboard is a great beginner and intermediate skateboard. Suitable for children and adults these boards are decent boards built from individual...