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Longboards Lush -

Longboards are are great as they allow for that same carve feeling on tarmac as water, snow or dirt. They can be ridden at high speeds or just crusing about. We have selected some great boards for all levels of rider. We stock a selection of Freeride, Cruise, Slalom, Carve, Race and Pool longboards from Lush Longboards, Landyachtz, Rayne, Loaded, Comet, GFH boards, Penny Skateboards, Long Island, Atom Longboards, Mindless and Never Summer.
We're a group of people in the UK who have been making longboards for about twelve years now, and became a proper business in 2001. We started in Bath, moved to Sheffield for University, went through a series of progressively larger and more chaotic workshops, then moved to Bristol and we've been here ever since

Lush Freeride Slide Gloves in Black

You asked for it and here it is - the all-new Lush Freeride Gloves in Black and White We took all the years of development of the Lush V1,2,3 and 4 Slide Gloves, and came up with...

Lush Symbian Two

The Lush Symbian Two is a wicked freeride slide deck, Lush have taken the features from the original Symbian and moved it forward with a slightly shorter wheelbase and overall...

Lush Freeride Slide Gloves in Blue

The Lush slide gloves in blue are an ideal starting point for wanting to learn some new freeride moves with the confidence it requires to stick a new trick or slide.