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Mountainboarding is an awesome outdoor sport and very easy to get started with. There are loads of riding locations all over the UK from specific mountainboard centres to public hills and woodlands. We stock a range of dirt boards suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced riders who demand the most from their equipment. We carry spares and accessories for all of our boards so you will never have issues repairing your mountainboard. We supply boards from MBS, Kheo, Scrub, Trampa Boards, Flexifoil and NoSno. If you want a kite landboard or a downhill board we should have the right board for you!
MBS mountain boards continues to refine its products and support the growth of the industry. MBS riders continue to dominate competitions all over the world and our employees, riders and friends continue to help introduce the sport to new people year after year.

MBS Colt 80 Junior Mountain Board

The MBS Colt 80 is a reduced size mountain board for children. Its features smaller bindings, wheels and a shorter deck to accommodate shorter and lighter riders.

MBS Colt 80X Junior Mountain Board

The MBS Colt 80x is identical to the 80 but fitted with an MBS brake system. The Colt 80x is for junior riders up to around 10 years old and is designed for small riders.

MBS Colt 90 Mountain Board

The MBS Colt 90 mountain board is ideal for junior or lightweight adults who want a good board for learning the basic of kite and downhill riding.

MBS Core 90 Mountain Board

Mix it up with the MBS Core 90 mountain board. The Core90 is lightweight yet strong to give adult riders a chance to progress in downhill and kiting.

MBS Comp 90 Mountain Board

The MBS Comp 90 mountain board is a premium board for adults to try their hand at both downhill riding and kite landboarding. Featuring high end MBS components.

MBS Pro 90

The MBS Pro 90 is the pro kiteboard in the MBS line up. The Pro 90 is very strong and light for freestyle. The bamboo in the deck creates great flex and pop for jumping.

MBS Pro 95 Retaliation

The MBS Pro 95 is the shorter pro board ideal for younger or shorter riders. Great to bring in the swing weight and make freestyle easier. The green retaliation graphic is sick!

MBS Pro 100 Tom Kirkman

The top level pro mountainboard for most riders, the MBS Pro 100 Tom Kirkman is stiff and responsive to give the maximum speed and height down a track or over a jump.

MBS Colt 95X Mountain Board

The MBS Colt 95X is a great beginner board for adult or larger junior riders who want a brake included. 5cm longer than the Colt 90 and with the fitted brake.

MBS Comp 95 Mountain Board

The MBS Comp 95 is the board everything is compared to. One of the most popular intermediate to advanced boards of all time. Great for beginners and more advanced riders.

MBS Comp 95X Mountain Board

MBS Comp 95X 2012 Mountain Board Our top freeride board. We have taken our immensely popular Comp 95 and beefed it up for freeriding with 9″ T2 tyres giving it the extra...