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Flexifoil Rage

"ideal for more experienced teen and adult kiters."

Power Kites Brand new!
The perfect four-line kite for the more experienced kiter looking for more power and thus step into the world of traction kiting. Easy to set up and fly within minutes.
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The Flexifoil Rage Powerkite is the successor to the Flexifoil Bullet series of kites. This kite is not a Bullet in new colours, but a completely new kite from the ground up and designed to be better than the Bullet in all areas of performance and usability.

The Flexifoil Rage has been designed to be a high performance traction kite suitable for all levels of kite flyer. It is an extremely versatile kite providing controllable, smooth, predictable power with reduced lift. The Rage is suited for everything from teaching basic kite skills, learning how to snowkite, kite landboard or buggy, through to being a high performance kite for experienced buggiers. This is a kite that you can learn on, but will never outgrow.

This is the newer version of the rage with comes with the Prolink Handles and Kite Killers and 25m x 200kg/100kg flexifoil lines as the complete kite. 


Flexifoil Rage 1.8m kite only £134.95 (RRP £149.99)
Flexifoil Rage 1.8m with lines and handles £214.85 (RRP £239.99)

Flexifoil Rage 2.5m kite only £144.95 (RRP £164.99)
Flexifoil Rage 2.5m with lines and handles £224.95 (RRP £254.99)

Flexifoil Rage 3.5m kite only £164.95 (RRP £194.99)
Flexifoil Rage 3.5m with lines and handles £244.85 (RRP £284.99 )

Flexifoil Rage 4.7m kite only £184.95 (RRP £234.99)
Flexifoil Rage 4.7m with lines and handles£264.95 (RRP £324.99)

New Features Summary:

* Improved planform – Larger wingtips help the kite to track and turn better. ‘Hoop’ shape which helps to improve the stability of the kite.

* Top quality materials – Sleeved Dyneema bridles and a Chikara canopy make for long lasting durability.

* New reinforcements – Rib tab and internal rib vent reinforcements strengthen the kite where it’s needed most, meaning a longer life for your kite. 

* Variable cell numbers – Smaller sizes have 15 cells, larger sizes have 17 cells. This ensures that the kite has a cleaner profile and a more efficient wing.

* Leading edge gauze – Using a gauze ensures that the leading edge of the kite keeps its shape better.

* Intelligent design – New, interactive design methods mean less creases and a smoother more accurate profile.

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