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Power Kites Flexifoil -

Power kiting is an easily accessible sport that is appropriate for all age groups. They are small to pack down and extremely durable which makes them ideal for recreational use with kids and families as an alternative to sparred delta kites. We stock a wide variety of powerkites from simple beginner 2 line to more advanced 4 line kites. Whether you want to skud along the beach, blast around in a buggy or boost with a landboard we will have the suitable gear available. We fly ourselves and test every kite before it goes onto the website so give us a call with any specific questions you may have.
Since 1972 Flexifoil has been making performance kites with one aim in mind: to give the ultimate kitesports experience. That's why the kites are designed and built to the highest standards to deliver the best possible performance.

Flexifoil Rage 2.5m Power Kite Package Deal

Special deal of 2.5m Flexifoil Rage and Lines and Handles. The perfect four-line kite to step into the world of traction kiting. Easy to set up and fly within minutes.