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Accessories - Surflogic

Awesome accessories that are suitable for many sports from snowboarding to wake and kiteboarding these are some essential items to make your life easier and better.
Surflogic are manufacturers of surf accessories and clothing designed to make your trip to the water a comfortable and easy one! Covering everything from wetsuit dryers to key locks and seat covers, Surflogic know how to do things right when it comes to getting sandy and wet!
new Surflogic - Key Security Lock Double System

Surflogic Key Security Lock Double System

Get the most out of keeping your car keys safe with the option to attach anywhere and to almost anything! Safe and secure giving you a piece of mind while on the water!
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From Air Fresheners to surf board wax, seat covers and changing mats and everything in between. We area always on the look out for new and exciting board sports accessories that make life easier if boarding on land, snow or the water.