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Electric Board Accessories - ATBShop

Electric boards or ESK8 occasionally need some spare parts, unlike normal skate or mountainboard gear. Electronic Speed Controllers, motors, VESC and hand controllers. Plus motor mounts, pulleys or gears to get your board DIY ESK8 electrified.
These are great standard parts sourced by ourselves at ATBShop for great value and quality without any excess branding!
new ATBShop - Simple ESC Box

ATBShop Simple ESC Box

This box is designed by us at ATBShop to solve a purpose. Simply mount the ESC's on the back of a mountainboard deck with least fuss and cost just bolt on. Note made to order please allow 2-3 days for shipping.
£29.95 - £74.90
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new ATBShop - Simple ESC Heatsink for Unity and FSESC

ATBShop Simple ESC Heatsink for Unity and FSESC

Need more cooling for your ESC? This is a simple Aluminium Heatsink to add to your Unity shaped ESC or Flipsky Pro and give you extra cooling and mounting holes.
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Making and Esk8 or Electric Mountainboard is tricky if you have never done it before. Give us a call or drop us a email as to what you want to do and we can advise the building blocks you need to electrify your ride or repair a broken board!