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GoPro Action Cameras - Beast Mount - Kite Surfing

GoPro are the market leader in action cameras for many reasons. We have always been a fan of their cameras for water and land based sports as they produce amazing footage easily. Now also amazing travel companions, get a GoPro and get amazing videos and photos.
Beast Mount is a revolutionary new mount designed for GoPro. Created to give you a unique new look to recording yourself doing what you love! Whether Wakeboarding or Kiteboarding, Beast Mount utilise a simple and lightweight design yet strong and effective. Make sure you don't miss a session with Beast Mount.
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Beast Mount - Kitesurfing GoPro Line Mount

Beast Mount Kitesurfing GoPro Line Mount

The best Kite Mount out in the market today! Fast and easy to attach to your kite lines no more rubber hands and no more shaky shots. Fits GoPro Hero3/4 and Hero 5 Cameras including the Sessions.
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Our favorite and best in our opinion action cameras the GoPro range. A selection of the world's smallest waterproof, dirt and dust proof helmet and gear-mountable digital video cameras for outdoor sports - including mountain boarding, snowboarding, skiing, kitesurfing, skateboarding and anywhere else you can think of using them! We have used them for years and are always able to help with advise on the best camera or accessory for your application.