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GoPro Handlebar Seatpost Pole Clamp Mount

Want to fix your GoPro to your bike or other small round pole objects? The GoPro Pole Clamp Mount is perfect for tubes 9-35mm diameter like a handlebar, seatpost or pole.

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The GoPro Handlebar, Seatpost, Pole Clamp Mount is super versatile and you can mount it to almost any pole like object from 9mm to 35mm diameter. There was the old "Ride Hero" before and this new version is a complete re-design from scratch and is so much better. Non slip and much quicker to attach with a 360 degree rotation and quick clip to make it super easy to connect and adjust whatever you are mounting to. If you want to mount to larger diameters there is a bigger version for large tube mounting.  The clamp is also much stiffer and all attached so there are no bits to loose. The improved fit and use just makes the older clamp look so basic!

Whatever smaller tube you want to clamp your GoPro to this mount has the answer. If above 35mm Diameter then you need the large tube mount.

GoPro Bike Handlebar Clamp Mount Photo

GoPro Handlebar, Seatpost, Pole Clamp Mount Features:

  • Hinged, non-slip design sets up in seconds and clamps to any 0.35 to 1.4in (9 to 35mm) diameter tube
  • Rotating base features 360° rotation with 16 secure positions, ensuring the perfect angle and allowing rapid changes in perspective for more dynamic footage
  • The mounting buckle lets users move their camera between mounts on the fly, enabling fast and easy changes in perspective
  • Durable construction prevents slipping and breaking and minimizes vibration and camera shake
  • No loose parts to drop or lose

GoPro Mountainbike Handlebar Clamp mount

GoPro Handlebar, Seatpost, Pole Clamp Mount Pack Includes:

  • Handlebar/Seatpost/Pole Mount
  • Large Rubber Insert
  • Small Rubber Insert
  • Vertical Mounting Buckle
  • Long Thumb Screw

GoPro Handlebar, Seatpost, Pole Mount Kit Parts

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