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Fat Sand - Progression Kiteboarding Advanced Dvd

Invaluable DVD from Fat Sand the Progression Advanced Kitesurfing instructional DVD takes you through kite loops, board offs and many more tricks.

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Fat Sand Productions are getting ready to take you the next step in your Kiteboarding Progression Dvd. Following on from the huge success ofProgression: Beginner & Intermediate, it’s now time for us to focus our attentions on guiding everyone on to advanced freestyle and freeriding tricks. 

Progression Kiteboarding Advanced takes the proven techniques used in our previous DVDs to break down these manoeuvres and allow any intermediate kitesurfer the opportunity to start slow and build to the tricks we all dream of mastering, whether its kiteloops, board offs, unhooking or your first handle passes.

Filmed in Egypt with British Pro’s Lewis Crathern, Neil Hilder and Jo Wilson – we’ll show you that whether you young or old, male or female there are so many tricks that are within your grasp, you only need a little help so you can save your self some bruises!
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  • The unhooked tricks start with the trick that most kitesurfer aspire too - the kiteloop. Here we’ll show you that if you choose the right conditions and start simple, anyone can have a go at kiteloops and once you’ve got the basics there’s plenty of fun to be had!
  •  Then we move on to the old school favorite of board offs, which may have become less fashionable over the last few years, but they offer little risk and loads of reward.
  •   Finally we’ll get your head around riding blind - a move that is somewhat of an exercise in contortion but loads of fun once you crack it.
The aim with the unhooked series of chapters is initially to demistify what msny view as a part of kitesurfing that is only on offer to the young and reckless! When in fact, you just need a few pointers and it can start off being relatively effortless.
  • we start with some basic theory, equipment setup and how to unhook - not as straight forward as you might imagine.
  • Then its all about pop and how to progressively edge, keep that kite low and launch out of the water leading us nicely into Raleys.
  • We then take the next step on to from the raley and look at adding a forward rotation with the s-bend
  • Then its back to kiteloops (and downloops) just this time we’re unhooked and dealing with a lot more power.
  • Finally we lay the ground work for the basis of all advanced freestyle tricks - handle passes. We start off with passing the bar with out getting any air, with the surface handle pass, then give ourselves plently of time with the dangle pass before finishing up the DVD with an introduction to powered handle passes!
You'll also find all the DVD menus translated so you navigate to the section you want with no misunderstanding.
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