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Flysurfer Infinity V3 CC Airstyle Bar

Flysurfer V3 Infinity Airstyle CC Bar

The Flysurfer Infinity V3 CC bar is the bar found on the 2019 Flysurfer kites including the Soul Boost3. It comes with the new spinning chicken loop and clamcleat depower line.

£430.00 - £475.00
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Flysurfer V3 Infinity Airstyle Bar  has finally brought a clamcleat depower into the flysurfer range. It has been asked for by many riders and now it's here along with all the other great features of the V3 bar like the moulded push away chicken and spinning safety.

Flysurfer Infinity V3 Airstyle CC Bar and Lines

Flysurfer has created a simple and functional design. This works on the 4 line flysurfer kites with single front line FLS line safety system that is super dependable. When releasing the push away V3 chicken loop power goes to one front line and the kite comes out of the sky safely to rest on the surface and easy to re-load and re-launch.

The new Clam-Cleat depower adjuster allows for precise adjustment for the power quick and effortlessly.

Flysurfer Infinity V3 CC Airstyle Bar Size Recomendations


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