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Longboard Wheels - Orangatang - Skateboarding

Longboard Wheels from Orangatang, Cult, GFH and Lush Longboards. We only sell wheels used and preferred by our team and local riders. Whether you want a stiff duro, downhill bomber wheels or something you can slide straight "out of the box" we have the right wheels for you!
Orangatang make some of the best thane for shredding concrete all over the world. Whether you are just starting out in the world of longboarding, freeriding, sliding or racing they have your back. Orangatang use a variety of cores and edging on their wheels with duro's ranging from 80a-86a.
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Orangatang - Onsen Park Light Wheels 58mm 100a

Orangatang Onsen Park Light Wheels 58mm 100a

Be the king of your local park. The Orangatang Onsen park wheels continue to blend the boundaries of traditional skateboarding, park riding, and longboarding.
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