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MADD MGP VX4 Nitro Extreme Scooter

taking the Nitro to a new level of lightness, now fingerwhip friendly!


The Madd Nitro Extreme VX4 Pro Scooter takes the Nitro then lightens the deck, slims the forks and generally upgrades everything. Also comes with Free Skully Light from us!

RRP £249.95 £199.95
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The Madd MGP VX4 Nitro Extreme Scooter 2014 is the top of the line scooter in the Madd Gear range has the latest tech from MGP. The Extreme VX4 is the evolution of the Madd Gear Pro Nitro and has always been a favourite of scooter riders wanting a top level pro scooter.  The Extreme VX4 keeps the MGP signature forged neck and integrated FSA Orbit headset, Oversize cromo fluted batwing bars are back and new 4.5in lightened cut out fluted box section deck with 110mm wheels and flex brake.  The lightened forged fork from last year in the style of the Nitro fork but slimed down and styled. This is taking the nitro which is already awesome and tweaking it to save weight and improve spec.  The icing on the cake for this scooter is it comes packaged with a set of the MGP Extreme Pegs and Bar Extenders ready to bolt on in the box. 
So in a nutshell the differences from the 2013 Extreme and this new one is new boxed deck with flat base for grinding and fingerwhip friendly.  Moving back to the classic batwing bars (with bar extenders), new composite construction flex brake and new Extreme Wheels.  The VX4 Extreme still has a lighter deck with cut outs, integrated headset, lightened forks and pegs in the package!

The Madd Nitro Extreme VX4 scooter has always been the choice of riders wanting the top level MGP scooter.  With the tough Madd style it is a great pro scooter to progress with.  We have seen MGP nitros come into our workshop after years of abuse just keep on riding, keep them well maintained and oiled they are a serious tough scooter!

Madd Gear are Australian born but are leading the scooter market into the future with a great reputation as a reliable brand that offers great products at a great price.  They offer scooters to all levels of the market and have a scooter for all budgets.  The higher models like this VX4 Extreme in the range feature higher spec components and different styles.

The MGP VX4 Extreme Scooter has the 4.5 inch wide new box style deck, HIC compression and FSA Orbit Headset and slimmed down DDAM M-1 bmx style forged forks and new 110mm Forged Spoked Alloy core wheels with the overall ride of the 82.5 degree downtube.  Madd have kept the advancements from the previous Nitro's and Extremes and brought them through into the MGP VX3 Extreme so there is still the scolloped forged downtube and the fluted cut away deck and bars at take away unnecessary weight in the scooter without compromising the strength.   

MADD MGP Nitro Extreme VX4 Specification:
  • 4.5" Integrated, fluted flat based deck featuring the Extreme cut outs
  • Extreme cut out Grip Tape (not shocktape)
  • 3D Forged Fitted Triple Clamp
  • 21in x 23in One Piece Chromoly Bat Wing swoop bars 
  • Madd Gear extra wide TPR grips with bar ends
  • MGP Tight As Bar Extenders (Giving up to an extra 4in width!)   
  • HIC Threadless M3 Fork 
  • Integrated FSA Headset   
  • Madd Gear 110mm Two-Tone Vicious Alloy Core Wheels
  • K2 grade wheel bearings
  • MGP Composite Blitz Brake  

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