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Mountainboard Accessories - Bluearth - Spares

Accessories and Spares for mountain board and kite boards. Everything to keep you riding from inner tubes, odd nuts and bolts, trucks, new hubs and tyres. If you don't see what you are after please contact us as we can get pretty much anything!
Bluearth is a UK mountainboard brand that was created to offer great quality and specification boards and accessories at great prices. Aimed at the beginner to intermediate riders they are great to get you into mountainboarding or kiteboarding without breaking the bank!
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Bluearth - Rubber Grip Tape

Bluearth Rubber Grip Tape

Rubber Griptape Deck Pads for mountainboard or kiteboards. Ideal in muddy or sandy conditions. Comes as a pair of self adhesive rubber pads that can be cut to shape.
£6.50 £4.95
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We have been involved since the start of mountainboards so can always help to get old boards up and running again. We can also advise what fits most models so you get the right trucks or bearings to fit your mountainboard, al terrain board or kite landboard.