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Flexifoil Stacker 6

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The Flexifoil Stacker 6 is Flexifoil's original power kite it is the ideal way to get into power kiting. The original and still the best, this was the kite design that started the sport of power kiting over 20 years ago. Easy to assemble and quick to learn, this should be your first choice if you just want to get out there, have fun and fly.

The Stacker 6 kite became the first commercially-sold recreational power kites. Today it is still one of the most popular timeless power kites which has been the basis of hundreds of Flexifoil pioneered kites. This kite is powerful hence being a power kite! You can step up the power by simply ‘stacking’ one kite on top of the next.

These two line kites can be powerful depending on what strength of winds you fly them in. In light winds, they are all easy to handle but as the wind speed increases, so does the power of these kites! It’s up to you how much power you want to take on.

Flexifoil Stackers are also very versatile. You can fly them on their own or you can stack them together to generate even more power and lift. Build your own power stack or join up with friends.

The original power kite and still the best introduction to power kiting. Take it out on a windy day and pull off fast turns, loops, ground passes and more! Don’t underestimate its small size! The Stacker 6 has achieved record breaking speeds of up to 180 kph (110 mph)!!

All Flexifoil stackers come with everything you need to get flying. Set up takes only a few minutes and full comprehensive instructions are included.

  • Stacker Powerkite canopy
  • 2 part Carbon spar
  • Control straps
  • Flying lines
  • Instructions
  • Registration pack
  • Free repair card
  • Kite storage bag

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