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Scooter Clamps - Royal Scooters

These are the clamps that hold the handlebars to the forks. From simple double clamps to quad clamps and SCS Compression keep the scooter dialled with these.
We have teamed up with the World's no. 1 mountainboard brand MBS to create the World's #1 Dirt Scooter. The Royal Scout is a go anywhere all terrain scooter built to take a beating. It will open up riding spots you never even dreamt of.
sale Royal Scooters - SCS Scooter Clamp in Silver

Royal Scooters SCS Scooter Clamp in Silver

The Royal Scooters SCS was built for dirt scooters but works with any standard SCS fork and bars. Silver classic design get the best compression at a bargain price.
£34.95 £9.95
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