We have a series of simple rules for the safety and enjoyment of the park by all users and staff. Please follow these simple common sense rules and everyone will have a enjoyable skate/scoot!

  • Enter at own risk

  • CCTV in operation for safety

  • No drugs or alcohol permitted

  • Helmets mandatory for all under 18

  • Safety equipment advised for all

  • Be considerate of all users

  • No graffiti or littering

  • No food or drink on the ramps

  • Children under 8 need supervision

  • If alarm sounds stop and leave ramps

  • No stopping or sitting on the ramps

  • Any injuries please ask for assistance

  • Bar ends are mandatory

  • Pegs are not allowed or any sharp items on scooters & skateboards

  • Aggression will not be tolerated towards staff or other park users

Not obeying these rules can result in being asked to leave the park for that session or can result in a ban or prosecution depending on severity. We work on a warning system so you have been warned.

Important Documents

Please checkout & read through the documents below before you visit. Riders under the age of 18 years old must have a the content form filled out & signed by a parent or guardian.

Consent formSafety briefTerms & conditionsParty invitations