Help us Raise Awareness for Skateparks all over the Country!

Sorry but we have had to postpone the Urban Rider Games until later in the year due to the current Corona Virus situation. Sign up to our newsletter (bottom of this page) to keep upto date with news on this event and skatepark access.

The aim of this one-day event is draw awareness for better and free facilities for young riders. We need our council, along with other councils up and down the country to sit up and take notice. The local Oasis skatepark has become a second home to many young riders (metaphorically speaking) and their friends, and for this reason we need to protect it from the developers who want to take it away. Skate parks are seen as fantastic outlet for young people. It does not matter if you are rich or poor at these local skateparks, which is what makes these free open spaces truly unique and why they are so integral to our communities. Click here to watch this edit and see why it’s so important to help save the Oasis Skate Park and why the council can do more for the riders.

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Come and support the Urban Rider Games and give the riders a voice. – 10th April 2020 – Good Friday!


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See the awesome previous Urban Rider Games event video to see what it’s all about!

The Urban Rider Games Categories have been announced see below for which category you’d be in. We’ve added some new categories in this year and some new pointers to make it fair for all. If you aren’t sure which category you are best in then please discuss it with us in store.

Junior Beginner Scooter – 8’s and under

Aged 8 years and below
Not Sponsored or have fan page

Junior Novice Scooter – 10’s and under

Aged 10 years and below
Not Sponsored or have fan page

Junior Pro scooter

Any advanced rider aged 12 years and below.
Riders who are sponsored by a shop, scooter company or brand.
Riders that have a fan page on Facebook or Instagram.

Girls Only Scooter

Any age
Any ability.

Novice Scooter

Over 10 years but must never have competed before.
No Sponsored riders or riders with fan pages

Intermediate Open Scooter

Over 10 years.
Previous competitive experience (not a prev. URG Podium)
Must not be sponsored or have fan pages On Facebook or Instagram

Pro Scooter

Advanced Riders
Riders who are sponsored by a shop, scooter, company or brand.
Or/and have a fan page on Facebook or Instagram

Street Scooter

Any age
Any ability

Skate Novice

Any age, not sponsored or have fan pages

Skate Open

Advanced skaters
All skaters sponsored by a shop, skate, company or apparel.
Or/and have a fan page with over Facebook or Instagram


Any age
Any ability

* Please note if you have previously placed on a URG Podium in a category you should move up to the next category of age/ability. For example if you have won “Intermediate Open Scooter” then next year you would enter in “Pro Scooter”.


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With a wide range of competitions with a price stash of up to £3000!!! there is definitely no reason to miss this event whether you are a beginner or pro  rider or a spectator. There will also be lots of giveaways and throw outs during the course of the event and judges who are all respected and seasoned pros within their respective sports boasting many achievements such as world championships and big company sponsorships.

This is a community event, which we want everyone to enter and take part in whether you are a novice or a pro.