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Burton Flight Attendent Snowboard

Unleash the freestyle, free thinker and slay the mountain with Burton's Flight Attendant. Fresh pow or hard packed snow you can rest assured that the board will deliver those tight turns, float and flow!

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Burton Flight Attendant 2018 Snowboard base graphicIntroducing Burton's all mountain slayer alternative to the traditional twin tip. The Flight Attendant  combines the elegance of a directional board, the aggression of a set back camber and the float and flow found with an entry rocker nose making this board sit beautifully between Burton's Landlord and the Custom.

Burton Flight Attendant Mountain Graph

The secret to this madness lies in the Flight Attendants perfectly balanced freeride geometry by featuring a set back camber and sidecut to offer a very similar feeling to a traditional twin tip but with all the added advantages of a Burton tech beefed directional board. Although considered more aggressive and directional than the ever popular Burton Custom, the Flight Attendant also finds a place on steeper lines alongside spontaneous slashes and snappy manoeuvrability  handling quick and tight turns with precision. Directional flex makes for increased pop in the tail whilst a stiffer nose allows for better control through a mixture of terrain and conditions.

Burton Flight Attendant Personality Graph

Burton Flight Attendant 2018 Snowboard top sheet graphic

Let the Flight Attendant tend to your mountainous desires, set your stance back a notch and boot it down the mountain, slashing and carving the pow or center of your stance and unleash the balanced geometry, twin tip, freestyle feel.  

For anyone looking for a truly diverse board that wants to go in hard and fast through out the mountain without sacrificing aggression and stability then take it from us, the Burton Flight Attendant will keep the juices flowing and a smile blown across your face all day long.

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The Burton Flight Attendant Snowboard specs:

  • Directional camber- Entry rocker keeps the nose out of the snow while camber releases powerful and deepdriving turns.
  • 10mm Taper- Wider nose promoting smoother turns entry and exit and increased stability and float.
  • FSC Certified Superfly II 700G Core, Dualzone, EGD- Stronger, better pop and float whilst all at a lighter weight.
  • Sintered WFO Base
  • Triax Fibreglass base-Versatile flex and response
  • Channel system
  • Squeeze box
  • Carbon I-Bean
  • Super snap epoxy
  • Pro Tip
  • Infinite Ride
  • Balanced freeride geometry

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