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Endeavor New Standard 2017 Snowboard

Set the bar, set the New Standard to contemporary snowboarding with Endeavor! ACE of ACT Best Snowboard of the Year! Aggressive, fun, soft and a load of pop; this board is built to impress.

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Endeavor New Standard Snowboard 2017 Graphic in listing at Spring Break Snowboard Test

Endeavor's New Standard snowboard for all the all terrain, freestyle seshing you will ever need! Labeled Best Snowboard of the Year by Ace of Act 2015, this years board features a New Standard of 3D cambered profiling with the contact points raised making for a seriously fast and catch free ride. Endeavor's Urethane side walls, winner of the ISPO Material Innovation Award 2014, are seamlessly fused with the boards poplar wood core resulting in a more impact resistant, shock absorbent and flexible sidewall than your traditional ABS that is prone to cracking .  Urethane sidewalls also reduces the risk of delamitation by providing a more natural and smoother flex.

Endeavor 3D Camber Snowboard representationUsing Endeavors lightweight Poplar wood core construction reinforced with Birch wood for The Channel mounting system, the New Standard offers a super fine tuned responsive feel and enhancing your boards overall flex pattern by removing traditional threaded inserts. Not only this but The Channel system lets you set up your board quicker whilst offering a more precise stance rather than a limited number of stances and angles to choose from. 

This board is ideal for anyone looking to sesh the whole mountain without sacrificing ability to hit the park hard!

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The board specs:

  • Beginner to Intermediate
  • Freestyle and All Mountain
  • 3D Camber Profiling
  • True Twin
  • Hybrid Extruded Base
  • Medium/ Soft Flex
  • The Channel System- More response, better flex and more control over your stance.
  • Biaxial Fibreglass- Layered fibreglass in two directions to increase strength and smooth flexibility.
  • Tip to Tail Core- Vertically laminated wood core offering more durability and pop.
  • Raised Contact Points- Catch free and forgiving riding that locks in during your turns.
  • Seamless Sidewall Construction- Increased durability, vibration absorption and reduced chances of delamination.
  • Perimeter Steel Edges
  • Ultra Lightweight- All these features above come together as one super lightweight, bad ass board!
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