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Salomon Gypsy Womens Snowboard

Possibly the most popular womens snowboard of all time, the Salomon Gypsy will open up a whole new world of freestyle park and all mountain riding!

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Choose your area to be dominant with the Salomon Gypsy 2019 Snowboard; excelling itself in the park with masses of power generation through out the mountain originating from this insane true twin with Rock Out Camber. Playful across all terrain the Rock Out Camber with Quadralizer features a flat zone between the feet with a short radius camber and straight sections down towards the contact points (three stage camber). The tip and tail rocker outwards resulting in outstanding carving capabilities, powerfully quick heel to toe energy transfer, floatyness in the pow and all terrain versatility.

Salomon Gypsy Womens 2019 Snowboard base graphic in listing

The Salomon Gypsy uses a mid density fibreglass combined with Popster Booster carbon stringers running from the bindings to the tip and tail producing monster popping capabilities in a lightweight and lively snowboard. With Slingshot suspension sidewalls featuring a layer of traditional ABS with rubber impact dampening lined with carbon for added spring and pressability, the Gypsy will dampen out any chatter at high speeds and outperform the competition in the park with powerful load and release by using the latest ski technology implemented for snowboards! 

Salomon Gypsy Womens 2019 Snowboard top sheet graphic in listing

A high wax retention sintered base balances durability with high speeds and superior performance to meet the standards that only the Salomon Gypsy can provide. A medium stone finish to make this board even faster across the board of conditions the Gypsy also features a freestyle edge bevel to offer a more park style feel at slower speeds. As a whole the Salomon Gypsy is the ultimate womens board of choice for the all mountaineer that likes to put the guys in their place in the park.

The Salomon Gypsy Womens Snowboard 2019 specs:

  • All Mountain/ Park
  • Medium flex
  • True twin
  • Rock out Camber
  • Quadralizer side cut
  • BA Medium density fibreglass
  • Popster Booster carbon stringers
  • Aspen SLCT Core
  • Slingshot (ABS, Rubber, Carbon) Sidewalls suspension
  • Sintered base
  • Medium stone finish
  • Freestyle edge bevel
  • 4 x 2 inserts



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