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WMFG SUP Pump 1.0

The revolutionary new way to pump up your sup. Featuring optional double and single action pumping with an 1.8L/ stroke, you'll have your SUP pumped in no time!

Out of stock. Sorry, This item is now Discontinued.

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This is the pump brand that everyone has been talking about but no-one believes its so good until getting their hands on one themselves! So don't mess about with rubbishy airbed pumps just get this WMFG 1.0T SUP pump and never want to use another pump again!  It is £50 but damn it's worth it!

We thought it was all hype until we tried one in anger at one of our demo days. The WMFG Pump seems to have lower friction and also has the single/double action switch which is super invaluable. Personally we aren't changing to another pump at ATBShop and are flighting to get this demo one when SUPing in different areas of the country!

WMFG Tall SUP pump 1.0 Advantages and Features:

  • Super tall = more air per stroke and less back ache.
  • Smooth and solid internal seals means cleaner stroke even after warmed up from a lot of pumping.
  • Single and Double Action by just putting a bung in. Easy for quick big inflation and then get the pressure right without a sweat.
  • Comfortable handle and footpads big enough to fit your feet
  • Pressure Gauge integrated in the handle.
  • So many adaptors it fits all brands and can customise the ones tied on for your quiver.
  • Simple pump leash to attach to kite when pumping.
  • Inflates up to 26PSI which is way more than most brands want you to so be careful to watch the gauge!
  • Simply the finest SUP pump ever produced!

Height: 24"/61cm (Extra Tall!)
Diameter: 8"/ 20.3cm
Capacity: 1.8L/Stroke

Adaptors included with WMFG Kitepump 1.0T

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