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T-Shirts - North Kiteboarding

We all already own more T-shirts then we really need, but sometimes it just isn't enough. Tees also make a great gift idea for people not sure on what to buy. We sell T-shirts to match our lifestyles, so whether you are into Kitesurfing, Wakeboarding, Snowboarding, Skating or any other rad board sports we should have some hard wearing fashion to back you up.

The North Kiteboarding brand first started in 1957 developing industry leading products of the finest quality until 2018 when the brand underwent a change/ split to which North Kiteboarding initiated a full industry re-boot of a sort. With a whole new line of products still focused on providing the upmost quality and industry leading technology in kitesurfing, North Kiteboarding are back with the launch of their new 2020 range with some of the best riders the world has seen backing them. Despite this their message is clear and the need to pioneer the finest technology to enjoy natures ever changing playground is held close to the brands core beliefs.

new North Kiteboarding - Froth Tee

North Kiteboarding Froth Tee

100% Natural using breathable organic cotton. Comfort, timeless style and "we chase this feeling" printed on the back. What more could you want from a kite Tee!
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