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Mystic Majestic 5/3mm FZ Wetsuit in Black

The almighty Majestic now comes in black for anyone who likes their traditional colourways and enjoys the luxury fit of one of the tech filled wetsuits available on the market! Hate the cold? No problem!

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The Majestic wetsuit has always been the most popular and the best in the Mystic range and this season they have stepped up the quality again. Before it was liquid seamed now it has internal waterproof taping.  This gives the suit even more flex as the tape and adhesive can stretch more than the neoprene so keeps everything super stretchy. The front opening on the Majestic does take a little getting used to  for entry and exit but gives an amazing seal and gives all the stretch on the back where the zip would have been.

Here at  ATBShop we have been riding the Mystic Majestic suits for a couple of seasons and are super big fans of the suits. If you need a suit for wakeboarding at the cable or for winter kitesurfing then we can't recommend the Majestic enough. If you have difficulty getting in and out of suits then the back zip option might be better for you but if you get used to it the front zip is the most popular. Keep everything toasty warm this winter in the Majestic. We also have a Navy Blue and Army Green option if the Black isn't your colour and there is a matching Majestic Harness for all colourways! 

Why would you buy a Mystic Majestic over other suits from other brands? Well if you kitesurf or wakeboard then Mystic design their suits with your sports in mind. Rather than a surf suit that is designed to be laid down on a surfboard paddling for 90% of the time the Mystic suits are built to be standing up 90% off the time. So if you get flush down in the suit on traditional suits you get it all balling around your ankles looking wierd and cold. Well Mystic have aquaflush leg panels that take that water out of the suit without letting more in. Just one example of the thought that has gone into the suits for kite and wake and there are many more little features that make a world of difference in the long run.

If you have had a basic steamer wetsuit before and are thinking of upgrading then this is the perfect suit.  We have had amazing feedback from customers over the past couple of seasons on the Majestic where they found out they were coming out of the suit almost dry and were warmer on the water than after they got changed into their clothes! We recommend not using standard rash vests because they make you colder than the super nice "teddyprene" inside the suit. If you need an extra layer then the bipoli mystic thermal rash is all we recommend.

Mystic Majestic M-Flex Material


M-Flex is a stretch layer within the neoprene. The high stretch of this layer creates a flexible suit, which makes it possible to move without restrictions.


Polygiene antimicrobial technology, using natural silver salt. Has gained recognition as an effective and environmentally friendly antimicrobial technology across many sports and industries.

Mystic Majestic Polygiene Material
Mystic Majestic Waterproof Stretch Taping

Waterproof stretch taping

A high durable taping used inside the suit to avoid leaking and keep it flexible and warm.

PK coated zip

The coated PK zip is the best you can use on a wetsuit. The zip mechanism is coated with a high durable liquid that will also help to keep water from coming into the suit. The puller is made of stainless steel for strength and durability.

Mystic Majestic PK Coated Zip
Mystic Majestic Aquabarrier


Both sides of the front-zip entry are printed with the Aquabarrier. The pattern of the Aquabarrier is laid out to create a better closure between the front-zip opening panels.

Mystic Majestic 5/4mm Winter Wetsuit in Black Technical features:

  • Isoprene mesh neoprene (20%)
  • M-Flex neoprene (100%)
  • Polar lining (plush) inside - super warm
  • Polygiene - stink free wetsuit
  • 100% Waterproof stretch taping - super dry
  • 100% GBS (Glued Blind Stitched)
  • Front-zip entry
  • PK coated zip 
  • Glideskin neck construction
  • 4-way stretch kneepads
  • Velcro ankle closure straps included
  • Non slip cuffs 
  • Key pocket 
  • Aquaflush 
  • Aquabarrier 
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