Summer Bowlstice Longboard Festival 2018

  Summer Bowlstice Longboard Festival 2018   A collaboration between Roots Longboards and the ATBShop crew saw our very own mini festival for the longboarders of the nation to get down and shred Watlingtons Soul Bowl with a mixture of live music, Dj’s, BBQs and some serious shredding all day, every day throughout the weekend.…

Brunotti Bob Longboard

Brunotti Bob Longboard Review

The Brunotti Bob longboard has been on our shelves for a couple of months now and since the weather has been better we decided to take one out into its natural habitat. Brunotti are a huge premium lifestyle brand based in the Netherlands with ties to kitesurfing, snowboarding and the skate industry. The Bob is…

Longboard or Longboard

Longboard or Longboard

Google knows it, and we knows it to. We see the odd person talking about long boarding or enquiring for a long board. We suggest if you are after a long board perhaps a hardware store such as Wickes or BNQ may be better suited to your demands.