Frequently Asked Questions

We hope the information below will give you a good idea of what to expect when you come to ATBShop Skate Warehouse. If you need any additional information then please give us a call or drop us a message.

We have some new FAQ after our re-opening following the Covid-19 lockdown. Please read these and notes added below:FAQ:

New Covid-19 FAQ

  • How do we book to ride?

    Booking is easy and is now all on line for track and trace. Click here to visit the bookings site. Make sure you make an account to see all available sessions and then add a rider or riders if more than one before you try to book a session; it will not let you book before you do all the above.

  • Can we just show up?

    Sorry but for riding No you may only show up without a booking for the shop to do some shopping. The skate park is all online and prebooking only. You can book on line in the car park if there is space but we can’t help you do this in store for contact reasons. If you need help call us on 01793 523244 during shop opening times.

  • How old must I be?

    Currently you must be 10 years or above and an experienced rider. Younger sessions will be following as we get used to operating the new, covid secure, skatepark.

  • What is being done to Sanitise and clean the skatepark?

    We clean the skatepark as we always have daily but we have partnered with a specialist company MicroSafe which have a 100% natural sanitisation fluid that kills 99.9999% of viruses and bacteria within 30 seconds of contact. This has been used worldwide fighting pandemics in hospitals and is more effective than bleach! Along with a special high power fogging machine we can completely sanitise the skatepark and seating area between sessions with just a 15min turn round! This does not leave any residue and is dry within minutes of application so the riding surface is not compromised. Being natural too it is safe for us to apply and be around. We will have a more in depth video and info about this technique as we are the first to use in a skatepark environment!

  • When we arrive where do we go?

    When you arrive please wait outside and as you are looking at the building walk to the left and queue up by the bike shelter. You will be booked in by being ticked off a register and then having your temperature checked, and a splash of anitibac on your hands and enter the park by the side entrance.

  • What are the new rules inside the skate park?
    • Please keep 2 meters apart or at least 1+ at all times.
    • Please do not share phones, drinks or touch others property while in the park.
    • We can no longer offer refills on water, so please either bring enough drink to last you or money for drinks on the day.
    • We are no longer serving hot drinks or food; Only cold food out of the vending machine. Please where possible bring the correct change. You are still able to bring your own food and drink into the park.
    • No hi 5’s, or fist bumps!
    • No sitting or congregating in groups in the park.
    • If coming into the shop or toilets area a mask or face covering must be worn.
  • Can we still use the loos?

    Yes 100% – walk round the building please use a mask for coming inside the building. Please tidy up in the loos after use and wash hands properly for 20 seconds.

  • Can I have my parents/ guardians / mates come and watch?

    Sorry no you must be dropped off outside as there is no space for viewing.

  • Membership Discounts

    All members that were current on 1st March 2020 have had 7 months added onto their membership. Once you have registered on the new online booking system please email us with your rider names and we can move the discounts onto your online account.


General FAQ’s: