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Brunotti -

Brunotti is an international boardsports lifestyle brand, including boards, clothing, footwear, bags, eyewear and stationery. We cherish our roots and believe that the authenticity of our brand adds unique value to the lifestyle we carry out. 

Brunotti Bob Longboard

Enjoy summer evenings along the beach and bombing down local hills on the Brunotti Bob longboard. A super fun little freeride board suitable for adults and kids alike.

Brunotti Onyx 130cm

The 130 x 40 Brunotti Onyx is ideal for smaller riders who want a cheap, but solidly built freeride kitesurfing board. Beginners & intermediate riders will love the ride.

Brunotti Low Rider

The Brunotti Low Rider kitesurfing board provides solid freeride performance for beginner & intermediate kitesurfers with a very unique look when on the beach.

Brunotti Propulsion

The Brunotti Propulsion Wakeboard - We took the first Brunotti Propulsion wakeboard into the Uk down to our local cable (WMSKI) for its first thrashing. Despite being...

Brunotti Onyx

The Brunotti Onyx is one of our most popular kitesurfing boards for beginner and intermediate riders who want something solid and comfortable to progress their riding on.

Brunotti Youri Zoon Pro Board

The Youri Pro continues to provide a solid freeride & freestyle kiteboard which appeals to the intermediate and advanced kitesurf market. Ride it with boots or straps.

Brunotti Dimension Kiteboard

The Brunotti Dimension is a true allround twintip. Designed to provide a balance between comfort & performance when riding. Suitable for beginner to advanced riders.