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Skate n Bounce Christmas Holidays

Stunt Scooters not Just Kids Scooters at ATBShop

Stunt and Pro Scooters have boomed in the last couple of years. Not just Kids Scooters but serious equipment for pro riders. The equipment and level of riding has gone through the roof with more and more people getting into the sport. With the addition of some major Australian and US scooter brands now available in the Uk the strength, weight and materials in our stunt scooters means there has never been a better time to hit the streets and skateparks. Whether you are a beginner looking for your first scooter purely to commute back and forth on or are interested in a top level custom freestyle scooter for busting out tailwhips, flairs and bar spins over spines. Why stop with skate parks and street? With Dirt Scooters hitting the Uk scene you can take your Dirt Scoot on all terrains! - We have the equipment that will make it possible. We deal with a lot of scooters both instore and online and can offer servicing, custom builds and also repairs.

ATBShop Skatewarehouse Skatepark
Indoor Skate Park in Swindon
Triad Psychic Scooter Deck 23 x 5.5in Stone Raw Black

New and Improved...

New and improved, refined to reduce weight and improve function, the Psychic Scooter Deck 23 x 5.5in Stone Raw Black by Triad features a new V2 fend off brake system. This scooter deck is lightweight and comes with a stunning bold graphic, which is a headturner.  This scooter deck is at a great price range, for such a decent scooter deck.

Triad has developed and evolved with the production of  this scooter deck, meaning the scooter deck is at a reduced weight and with improved function. We only have a few of these in stock, so get one while you can!


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TSG Evo Helmet in Satin Dark Cyan
Built for riders by riders offering superior fit and protection. Check out all of TSG Helmets here.

Ascent Dirt Scooters Dirt Scooter Fade Black Complete
Developed by riders for riders. Taking your riding to new extremes over any terrain thanks to the pneumatic tyres.
Hella Grip Slumped in Paradise Pro Scooter Grip Tape
£4.00 - £14.95
Customize your scooter deck with some fancy griptape from companies like Hellagrip, Drone and Apex!
Bones Reds Scooter Bearings
Bones Reds are super fast and durable bearings.
MGP Kick Mini Pro Rascal III Blue and Green

MGP Kick Mini Pro Rascal III Blue and Green

Junior Complete Scooters starting at £69.95. Ideal for any Junior rider looking to start their scootering career, give them a jumpstart in the sport with a high quality scooters from MGP or Blunt.
Blackriver Complete Fingerboard New Skull X-Wide Low
Professional Complete Fingerboards from Blackriver, ready to go out the box with no setup required!
Blackriver Fingerboard Rail Round Low Silver
Blackrivers Round Fingerboard low rail coming in silver is made from 100% metal.
Blackriver Fingerboard Ramp Brickbox
Your basic ledge, just pimped out with bricks to give that signature grinding sound.
Blackriver Classics White Fingerboard Wheels
Blackriver Classics White Fingerboard Bearing Wheels are the best all-round wheels.

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