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Skate n Bounce Christmas Holidays

Skate & Longboarding at ATBShop

Nothing beats bombing hills, shredding thane and dropping stair sets. Skating and Longboarding are both easily accessible sports to get into without having to empty your wallet . Pad up and hit the hills and streets on our wide variety of longboards and skateboards. We sell from the best board brands on the planet, including: Loaded, Rayne, Comet and Landyachtz.  We also sell all the necessary accessories, such as: slide gloves, bolts, bearings, wheels trucks and griptape. 

Bones 100s V5 Sidecut Skateboard Wheels
100a Bones 100s OG No. 14 skateboard wheels available in a couple of different sizes.
Bronson Speed Co. G3 Bearings
Bronson Bearings G3 hands down the best bearings on the market. Tried and tested by us!

Independent Mid Trucks Tiago Lemos Skateboard Truck
Independent have made a signature Mid truck which are one of the worlds best street trucks on the market.
Bones Reds Skateboard Bearings
High quality skateboard bearings, Bones Reds come in a pack of 8. Originally for skateboards & longboards!
Creature Everslick Malt Sliquor 8.6 Skateboard deck
Creature Malt Sliquor Skateboard deck coming in at 8.6 with NHS Everslick skateboard construction.

Sale Skateboard Shoes

Girl Sanrio Tokyo Speed Carroll 8.0 Skateboard Deck Graphic
Girls skateboard New Collection of Tokyo Speed, Mike Carrolls deck comes in 8.0 Wide.
Girl Fireworks One Off Breana Geering Skateboard Deck
Girl Skateboards Professional Skateboarder Breana Geering one off skateboard deck fireworks graphic. comes in 8" or 8.25"
Girl Contemplation Simon Bannerot Skateboard deck
This one off skateboard deck made by Girl Skateboards is stunning, comes in at 9"
Orangatang Durian 75mm Longboard Wheels (pack of 4)

For grippy, hard carving and consistent, controlled smooth slides straight out of the box.

The Orangatang Durian Longboard Wheels are big boy freeride wheels . Sitting in at 75mm 83a  (purple) offset bearing with double rounded lips, and a stone ground/pre-broken in surface.

Check them out
ATBShop Skatewarehouse Skatepark
Indoor Skate Park in Swindon
G-Form Pro-X Elbow Guard Black
Superior movement and flexibility with Pro-X pads with Smartflex technology, providing the ultimate Elbow protection.
G-Form Pro Rugged Knee Guard Black
Pro Rugged Knee Guard from G-Form with Armortex and SmartFlex techonology to provide a superior pad and comfort.
G-Form Pro-X3 Elbow Pad Black
Superior Comfort and movement, with mapped out protection for your Elbows.
G-Form Pro-X3 Knee Pad Black
Superior Comfort and movement, with mapped out protection for your Knees.
G-Form E-Line Knee Guard Black
Superior airflow and protection the G-Form E-line Knee pad in black designed for off-road sports from MTB to mountainboarding.
Complete Skateboard Deal!
ATBShop Skate Warehouse - Swindon's Only Indoor Skate Park
Blackriver Complete Fingerboard New Skull X-Wide Low
Professional Complete Fingerboards from Blackriver, ready to go out the box with no setup required!
Blackriver Fingerboard Rail Round Low Silver
Blackrivers Round Fingerboard low rail coming in silver is made from 100% metal.
Blackriver Fingerboard Ramp Brickbox
Your basic ledge, just pimped out with bricks to give that signature grinding sound.
Blackriver Classics White Fingerboard Wheels
Blackriver Classics White Fingerboard Bearing Wheels are the best all-round wheels.

What we have to offer

When it comes to choosing your skate or longboard hardware there are many factors to consider. Choosing your gear can be a pain, with skateboarding being such an evolving and thriving industry, there are literally thousands of different options when it comes to what you put between you and the road.

Everything from your deck to the spacers in your wheels can be changed, thus changing the overall feel of the ride. If you're struggling to find exactly what it is you need, or fancy a chat about skateboards get in touch using the contact details above.

We have several staff who are into Longboarding and ride a variation of custom setups from Loaded Longboards, Rayne, Lush and Landyachtz. We stock a wide variety of Paris Trucks, Hawg and O'rangatang wheels also.

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