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Mystic Legend Winter Wetsuit 5/4mm Kitesurfing Wakeboarding

take the Majestic & add quick dry material to the mix

Possibly the most tech-filled, high-end, quality wetsuit on the market featuring Isoprene mesh, M-Flex neoprene and quick dry lining. The Mystic Legend wetsuit combines these quality materials using Glued Blind Stitching and waterproof stretch taping inside whilst using liquid seams on the outside.

Using quick-dry lining, the Mystic Legend is also designed to avoid those days where you are forced to put on a dripping wet wetsuit left in the back of your car on a cold day.

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Mystic Robie Poncho Blue
Available within 24 hours
Mystic Robie Poncho Aztec
Available within 24 hours
Mystic Robie Poncho Mint
Available within 24 hours

Kitesurfing at ATBShop

Kitesurfing is one of the fastest growing water sports on the planet, and for a good reason! We stock a ride range of water relaunchable depower kites from beginner level to intermediate. Whether you kite just in the Uk, in flat water, waves or chop we have kites that can deliver the best performance for your needs. As well as kites we stock a good selection of boards, wetsuits and harnesses from some of the best brands in the industry. We don't stock every brand out there but sell what we ride, know and love ourselves.

Mutiny S-Series Kitesurfing Kite
Available in 6m-12m sizes
Flydoor Kitesurfing Board
Free Shipping | Available within 24 hours
Mystic Safety Leash in Blue
Available within 24 hours
Mystic Venom Board Bag
Fits Kiteboards & Wakeboards
Ozone Imp 2 Power Kite
Great for the kids!
Mystic Poncho Robie Wakeboarding Kitesurfing
Get changed in warmth & privacy

What we have to offer

A large range of kitesurfing kites, kitesurfing boards and kitesurfing harnesses (both waist and seat). If you are after a specific beginner kitesurf kite or cheap kitesurfing package to get you started we will be able to advise you on the most suitable options. Whether you are going on holiday with your equipment or just to the local beach we supply a variety of kitesurfing board bags and luggage.

When it comes to looking the part on the beach we sell an awesome range of Mystic board shorts, T-shirts, hoodies, rash vests and quickdry tops. We like to ride as many as the products we sell as possible. We are known in the Uk as specialists in Flysurfer kites as we have ridden and helped develop Flysurfer kites for many years. We also sell kites from Ozone, Best Kiteboarding, Slingshot, Mutiny and F-One.

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