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Kite Accessories - Spares

These are a selection of kite accessories that we offer. If you don't see what you are after please contact us as we can get anything! We stock accessories such as kite stakes, powerkite lines, handles and wind meters plus more!
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Ozone - Flow Replacement Bridle

Ozone Flow Replacement Bridle

Replacement Bridle Sections for the Ozone Flow 4 line traction power kite. We try to carry stock of every part of your flow bridle if not we can order it.
Ozone - Compression Strap

Ozone Compression Strap

Always manage to go missing but really useful the Ozone kite compression strap is suitable for foils and inflatable kites to make it easier to go into the kite bag or be stored more in one bag.
Ozone - Depower Line + Chicken Loop

Ozone Depower Line + Chicken Loop

Ozone Megatron Chicken loop complete with 1m depower line, ideal for replacing the depower line and loop easily on your Ozone bar or any other kite brands bar.
Ozone - 4 Line Bar Mono Swivel Chicken

Ozone 4 Line Bar Mono Swivel Chicken

The Mono Swivel Chicken Lopp line velcro's onto the centre of a control bar to allow you to use a harness with the bar. Perfect for a trainer kite for learning to kitesurf.