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Kitesurfing Accessories

Kitesurfing Accessories, from depower bars and line sets to kite bridle and bladders. we have a selection of accessories for the water kiter including kitesurf board bags.

Best Kiteboarding Waroo and Nemeis Bridles

The pulleys and inserts to replace the wearing parts on the Waroo and Nemesis kites, these are different for all Best Kiteboarding Kites per season.
£19.50 - £36.95

Best Kiteboarding Kahoona Bridle Inserts

Replace the bridle inserts on your Kahoona V1 Kite, simple job and don't want them to break at sea!

Best Kiteboarding Kitesurfing Flying Lines 4 Line Set

Replace your old tired worn out Best Kiteboarding Flying Lines with these. Designed for all Best 4 Line kites like Kahoona, Waroo and TS etc.
£95.00 - £125.00

Best Kiteboarding RP V2 Bar

The Redline Performance Bar from Best is in it's second version and is fits all best kiteboarding kites. Comes complete with handlepass leash and lines.

Best Kiteboarding RP V3 Bar

Taking the RP V2 bar and redesigning all the moulded components brings us the RP V3 bar from Best Kiteboarding. Sold complete with lines and handlepass leash.

Dakine Slider Kiteboard Bag

The Dakine Slider is a practical and slim 136cm long kiteboard bag for travelling and keeping your board safe.

Fat Sand - Progression Kite Landboarding Beginner Dvd

Kite landboarding can be tough. Luckily the guys over at progression made this great DVD to get you started. An ideal gift for someone who has just purchased their board.

Fat Sand - Progression Kiteboarding Advanced Dvd

Invaluable DVD from Fat Sand the Progression Advanced Kitesurfing instructional DVD takes you through kite loops, board offs and many more tricks.

Fat Sand - Progression Kiteboarding Beginner Dvd 2nd

Just starting kitesurfing? This is a great gift to have to remember your lessons and learn more. The Fat Sand Beginner Kiteboarding DVD is a great resource for everything.

Flysurfer Speed 3 Pulley Lines

The Pulley lines on a Flysurfer Speed wear and stretch in general use so it's worth replacing before breaking, always replace all pulley lines together for safety.

Flysurfer Speed 3 Flying Lines

Simply replacement flying lines for a flysurfer speed 3 or speed 4 kite.

Keypod 5G Key Safe

The Keypod is a must have accessory for any avid watermen. The best way to stash your keys when out on the water surfing, kitesurfing, wakeboarding or paddling down river

Kitefix Dacron Sail Repair Tape

The Kitefix dacron kite repair tape is a cheap solution to fill any small gaps, tears or rips in your kites canopy. The repair tape works on kitesurfing & power kites.

Kitefix Mini Kitesurf Repair Kit

The Kitefix Mini Kitesurf Repair kit has all the essentials to repair most issues. From a canopy snag to a large rip and bladder repairs all in one packet.

Kitefix Complete Kitesurfing Repair Kit

The Kitefix Complete kit is just that a complete kit that can fix most kitesurf repairs if you are able to follow the instructions included in the nice storage box.

Mutiny Mutiny Control Bar and Lines

The Mutiny control bar is one of the best kitesurfing bars in the industry. You won't believe just how nice this is until you are out on the water with one in your hands.

Mystic Vacuum Kite Travel Bags

Get more into your board bag when travelling with your kitesurfing kite. These Mystic vacuum bags come with a small pump for sucking all the air out. Great for kites.

Mystic Gearbox Kitesurfing Board Bag

A great value travel bag for your kitesurfing equipment. The Mystic Gearbox has enough space for your board, a couple of kites & the necessary accessories for a trip away

Mystic Star Kite and Wakeboard Double Bag

The Mystic Star board bag is a convenient way to keep your board & van in good nick when travelling with your gear. Waterproof lining and strong zips with a great design.

Mystic Star Kite and Wakeboard Single Bag

The Mystic Star boardbag is a single layered board bag for storing your kiteboard or wakeboard to and from the beach or cable. A smart design and waterproof lined inside.

Mystic Safety Leash with Quick Release Red

The Mystic Safety Leash with Quick Release in Red is an ideal inexpensive handlepass leash for your kite. Essential equipment to safely use a kitesurfing kite.

Mystic Kite Compression Bag

A strong and lightweight travel bag for kitesurfing kites. Ideal for using instead of the heavier, bulky kite bags for travelling. Tested to fit a 17m Ozone Zephyr.

Mystic Matrix Travel Board Bag

A super well built and practical board bag for taking your kitesurfing kites and board on holiday. You can easily fit a board, a few kites and harness in this bag.

Mystic Fixed Handlepass System

The Mystic Handlepass Harness System connects across the rear of the harness into the two metal D loops so the leash can side from side to side easily.

Mystic Elevate Kitesurfing Board Bag

Super lightweight and compact, with new detachable wheel system. The Mystic Elevate is the very peak of quality and lightweight technology when it comes to taking your gear abroad!

Mystic Majestic Flip Flops

A pimp pair of branded EVA moulded flip flops for kitesurf and wakeboard enthusiasts. At only 10 a pair you can buy all the colours to! Great for the beach or cable.

Mystic Kite pump

The Mystic pump is a strong tough kite pump. This model fits most brands of kites and comes with multiple adapters and the pump also includes a pressure gauge and carry bag.

Ozone Kite Pump with Pressure Gauge

A smart and strong kitesurfing kite pump for inflating your kites. This Ozone model comes with multiple adapters and also includes a removable pressure gauge.

Ozone One-Pump Repair Kit

This is a repair kit from Ozone to fix the inflation tubing on your kitesurfing kite. This kit has loads of spares and should fit One-Pump Inflation Systems from most brands.

Ozone Contact Water Bar 2014

The new 2014 Ozone Kitesurfing Contact Water bar with the Push Away quick release. Complete with flying lines and different widths of bar for kite sizes.
£330.00 - £360.00

Ozone Wetbag

The Ozone Wetbag is great for getting changed on so your wetsuit doesn't get sandy or dirty then pull it tight to hold all the wet stuff in so it doesn't leak over the car.

Ozone Tear-Aid Patch

Fix a bladder permantly or temporary kite canopy repair the Tear Aid is amazing repair material and should always be in kite bag for emergencies. Sold as a pack of 2 patches.

Ozone Line Winder

Simple item that is so handy at times, the Line Winder! Ozone ones are well made and simple large Kite Line Winders, sold each always handy to have.

Ozone 5m Kite Line Extensions

Make the most of the conditions with these easy to fit 5m line extensions from Ozone Kitesurfing.

Ozone Kitesurfing Quad Line Set 500kg 300kg

Replacement kitesurfing kite lines for your Ozone kite. These may fit other kite brands as well. These are the standard lines from the C4, Catalyst, Edge and Zephyr.
£34.95 - £124.95

Ozone Megatron Large Chickenloop

Want a larger loop for unhooking or longer arms? This Large Chickenloop line fits the Pull release megaton chicken loop. Just a couple of screws swaps it over.

Ozone Handlepass Leash

The Ozone Handlpass leash is a simple and easy to use safety leash for kitesurfing and depower kites. Simple and strong clips and a foolproof release make it perfect for all users.

Ozone Windsock

Designed originally for paragliders but useful for all kiteflyers. The Ozone Windsock is a simple bright colour windsock to show wind direction and speed.
£8.99 - £13.99

Ozone Kicker Finger Chickenloop Lock

The Ozone Kicker / Kicket Finger / Donkey Dick is used to secure your chicken loop to your harness without coming unhooked accidentally.

Ozone Short Safety Leash with Quick Release

A short kitesurfing safety leash from Ozone which will work on all models of kite & harness. Designed for riders who don't want to unhook or use a long handlepass leash.

Ozone Megatron Chickenloop with Pu line

This is the Megatron Chicken Loop and line for the Contact Bar on land and water for before Ozone changed to the push away system.

Ozone Line Bar Stopper Ball w Screw

This is a replacment Stopper Ball to go onto line 3 on a ozone bar set to stop the bar shooting too far up the line when the safety is deployed. Comes with Stainless Screw.

Ozone Kitesurf Board Bag 145cm

The Ozone Kitesurf Board bag is a rucksack style bag great lightweight for travel and you can get 2 to 3 kites plus board and accessories inside. Great when you can't wheel a bag!

Ozone Chicken Push Loop Larger Size PU

Upgrade the chicken loop from factory standard to the larger C4 bar chicken loop. Ideal for progressing to more unhooked riding and for taller riders with longer arms!

Ozone Zephyr 27m Kitesurfing Lines

This is a set of 500/300kg breaking strain lines for an Ozone Zephyr kite. These lines can also be used on the Edge and other Ozone kites for better low end performance.

Ozone Contact Bar Spare Flag out Line

The Flag Out line for Ozone kites is the bungee which attaches your kite leash to your kite to be able to activate the safety system. Available in different sizes.
£7.99 - £9.99

Ozone Big Beanbag

This huge beanbag from Ozone kites is super tough and durable ideal for indoor and outdoor use. We use the Ozone Beanbags at demo events and often seat multiple people on them.

Ozone Pushaway Chicken Loop and Depower Line

New for 2014 the muchly anticipated upgrade chicken loop from Ozone. This new system features push away safety and works with a spinning safety system.

Ozone Flag Out Safety Ring with Swivel

This spinning safety ring is for fitting the new style ozone push away chicken loop and flag out safety line to your existing ozone kite bar. Required for working safety.

Slingshot Jenna J Kite Pump with Pressure Gauge

Keep an eye on your PSI whilst inflating your kitesurfing kites with the Slingshot Jenna J pump. It comes with a standard size hose and adapter for fitting most kites.

WeatherFlow iOS and Android Wind Meter

Weatherflow is handy and ultraportable wind meter for kitesurfers and windsurfers that plugs straight into your iOS or Android powered smartphone. Then share your stats with friends.

Fat Sand - Progression Kiteboarding Intermediate DVD Volume 1

Invaluable DVD from Fat Sand the Progression Intermediate Vol1 Kitesurfing instructional DVD takes you through transitions and back loop, front loop manoeuvres on water.

Kitefix Adhesive Kitesurf Bladder Patch

Hole in your kite bladder this patch 4in x 9in can fix most rips and tears on a bladder. If not there is a bigger option.

Kitefix Monster Adhesive Kitesurf Bladder Patch

This is the big one the Monster repair patch from Kitefix is 9in x 12in in size and can repair huge splits in your kite bladder.

Kitefix 9mm Valve Replacment Stick on Kite Valve

Standard 9mm inflate valve for leading edge and standard inflation struts. Kitefix 9mm valve is self adhesive so easy to replace the leaking valve.

Kitefix 11mm Valve Replacment Stick on Kite Valv

The 11mm is the standard deflate valve. Kitefix self adhesive 11mm stick on kite bladder valve, easy to fix old leaky valves.

Kitefix Gluefix Bladder Adhesive

Run out of the Glue for your Kitefix Kit or need to restick a valve to your bladder. The Kitefix Gluefix is the perfect solution.

Kitefix One Pump Slingshot Valve

This is the standard one pump bladder valve for most manufacturers now. Got a leaking one pump valve replace it with a self adhesive Kitefix Slingshot valve and you are sorted.

Mystic Golf Bag

The Mystic Golf bag kite board bag is awesome size to fit a lot of kit in and has gold logos on the side. This as some airlines charge less for golf bags!

Mystic Handlepass Leash with Quick Release

This blue Mystic Kiteboarding safety leash features two carabinas for easily attaching the leash to your kite. These leashes have stretch in them to absorb impact.

Mystic Gearbox Deluxe Travel Bag

The Mystic Gearbox Deluxe is the best kite & wake orientated luggage bag we sell. Great build quality to keep all of your toys safe when leaving the country.