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Ozone Access 2013 Power Kite

fulfil your back country pleasures with this all terrain depower kite


The Ozone Access is designed for riders wanting to go anywhere with their kite. Great for backcountry snowboarding or blasting along the beach on a board or buggy.

RRP £850.00 £679.99 - £755.99
Out of stock. Sorry, This item is now Discontinued.
Ozone Access 2013 Depower Snow and Land kite the Access has been designed for riders looking for an incredibly versatile and easy kite to fly.

For riders new to the sport the Access is the benchmark, from your first lessons on 
the snow to learning how to jump, the Access is the perfect tool for all new comers to 
snow kiting. More experienced riders will fi nd it is perfect to have in your quiver when the conditions or terrain get more demanding. 

It’s important for an all round kite to have excellent stability, it must be easy to control, deliver smooth constant power and have good safety. The Access features our total fl ag out safety for those emergency situations. We still recommend that you land the Access using the webbing brake handle to cleanly stall the kite if conditions permit i.e. when taking a break or finished for the day.

The Access is constructed from top quality materials and features a double pulley speedsystem, utilising the latest high spec Ronstan Orbit Block Series 20 pulleys. Four unique blow-out-valves on the under surface allow the internal volume of air to be released when the kite is crashed into the ground which reduces the potential to get blow outs.

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Ozone Access 2013 4m Kite Only:
Ozone Access 2013 6m Kite Only: £558 Complete: £850 
Ozone Access 2013 8m Kite Only: £589 Complete: £882 
Ozone Access 2013 10m Kite Only: £630 Complete: £922
Ozone Access 2013 12m Kite Only: £652 Complete: £945

• Double Pulley Speed System with new Ronstan Orbit Pulleys
• Easy predictable handling
• Rock-solid stability
• Constant power
• Huge De-Power range
• Simple re-launch
• Enhanced stall characteristics
•  Closed cell leading edge with mesh for clean air intake and extra strength
•  Dirt-Outs in tips
•  Diagonal Ribs
•  Blow out valves
•  Contact-Snow Control System with the Original Ozone Y-Line design & Safety Flag-Out 
•  Exceptional hand checked Ozone factory construction using the highest quality materials; Highest grade
•  Ozone warranty and back-up service guaranteed

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The Ozone Access 2013 4m is ideal for light riders in medium to strong winds. The perfect size for learning, children or as a storm kite for experts on backcountry missions

Rider weight range from 40kg to 75kg, Wind range depends on rider ability

The Ozone Access 2013 6m is the ideal high wind kite for experienced riders, its high stability makes it the ultimate storm kite. For beginners this is a good kite to start snowkiting with.

Rider weight range from 50kg to 90kg, Wind range depends on the rider ability.

The Ozone Access 2013 8m is the perfect kite for learning in moderate wind speeds for a light weight rider.

Rider weight range from 65+kg, Wind range depends on rider ability.

The Ozone Access 2013 10m is the perfect kite for beginner to intermediate riders in Light to moderate wind speeds.

Rider weight range from 75+kg, Wind range depends on the rider ability.


The Ozone Access 2013 12m is the low wind kite for intermediate riders in very light to moderate wind speeds.

Rider weight range from 95+kg, Wind range depends on the rider ability.

For any kiter wanting to jump or use a kite for freestyle should be directed to buying the legendary Frenzy which is still the ultimate free-ride kite for all land kiting sports.



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