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Ozone Access Depower Kite

fulfil your back country pleasures with this all terrain depower kite


The Ozone Access is designed for riders wanting to go anywhere with their kite. Great for backcountry snowboarding or blasting along the beach on a board or buggy.

£714.95 - £834.95
In Stock & available for UK next day delivery
The Ozone Access is the perfect all terrain depower kite for beginners and experts alike. It is always a favorite land kite of ours and the all round stable depower foil all others are compared to. Ideal for exploring on a snowboard, landboard or buggy with the added usability of depower.  The Ozone Access  has now been updated with a new safety system that makes launching and landing in emergency conditions super easy.  There is still the ozone landing handle to make it easy to ground handle, reverse launch and land too. The main purpose of the Access is to make it really easy for riders to get moving and explore, there isn't much lift but there is some and some float so from first traction to starting to jump it works with the Access. The real bonus is the stability of the Access in poor gusty turbulent winds, this is why experienced riders often have a small access tucked inside the kite bag on expedition if the winds change you can always get back to base with an access as it still romps upwind when powered and deals with those gusts.

Ozone Access 2015 6m Complete: £714.95 
Ozone Access 2015 8m Complete: £774.95
Ozone Access 2015 10m Complete: £794.95
Ozone Access 2015 12m Complete: £834.95

Please note being a depower kite the Ozone Access is designed to work with a harness, this can be a seat, waist or snowkite/climbing style. Ensure you know you limits start in lighter winds to get used to the power coming though the harness if you are used to traditional power kites and this is your first depower kite. Understand the safety and how to deploy will give you a long and safe kiting future!

The Ozone Access is legendary in the land kite and snowkite world as the kite of choice for many kite schools who want their students to progress and ride as smoothly and quickly as possible. That being said the Access is not just a beginner kite! We have clocked up some of the fastest landboard runs and been flying in some of the highest exhilarating winds when attached to an Access.  Sometimes an Access and Frenzy quiver can give the best of both worlds with the larger Frenzy with more lift for freestyle and a smaller Access for stronger turbulent conditions.  Check out the ozone tech talk video below to get some more ideas of how the kite has been designed and flys.

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The Ozone Access comes in a range of sizes from 4m up to 12m but being a depower kite the Access doesn't translate size for size with fixed bridle kites you may have used before. If you check out the wind range below then you can almost compare a 10m Access to a 5m fixed bridle kite so if you are looking for a bigger more powerful kite than your current fixed bridle kite then remember you will need quite a lot bigger kite.  The most popular sizes in the Ozone Access for land and snow use are the 6m, 8m, 10m and 12m kites with the 6m and 10m making a great quiver for average riders while heavier riders might prefer 8m and 12m kites if they need that extra power in a light wind.  If you are unsure of what size of kite to go for please give us a call or drop us an email with your height, weight and experience level details and we would be happy to chat through the best options for you.

If you have any questions on the product or ordering please call us or use the form below to send us an email directly about this product.