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CWB Board Co. Sabre Wakeboard with Faction Boots

sale CWB Board Co. Sabre Wakeboard with Faction Boots
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CWB Sabre Flexboard Wakeboard with Faction Boots Package 2012

Saber Wakeboard
    New design for 2012, bullet proof board that is wake approved.
    • Beveled ABS rail extends into board for strength
    • New Xtrans rail base
    • Flat bottom design catch free on rails
    • Continuous rocker
    • Designed for: Rail Parks
    • LENGTH 136 cm./ 142 cm. / 147 cm.
    • WEIGHT 6.8 lbs. / 7.3 lbs. / 7.7 lbs.
    • CENTER WIDTH 17.49 in./ 17.63 in. /
    • Tip/Tail Width 13.01 in. / 13.09 in./ 
    • ROCKER SHAPE Continuous
    • ROCKER SIZE 2.34 in. / 2.69 in. / 2.81 in.
    • 139cm: 130 - 210 lbs.
    • 145cm: 150 - 250 lbs.
    • M:  Mens 8-10  |  Womens 9-11
    • L:  Mens 10-12  |  Womens 11-13
    • XL:  Mens 12-13  |  Womens 13-14
    The Faction Binding is the official boot of The Faction - the movement behind the CWB freeride initiative.  The Faction Boots are the most supportive boots in the CWB line, making sure you will always have the backup you need while stomping a backside 540 or taking a brutal fall.  Like all of the higher end CWB boots, the Faction features the exclusive CWB Heel Lock Hinge that will ensure zero heel lift as well as the customized 3 piece orthotics footbed.  The extra supportive side segments are kept snug with a dual lace system allowing you to customize the fit around the top of your foot and your ankle.

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