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Accessories - Ozone

Awesome accessories that are suitable for many sports from snowboarding to wake and kiteboarding these are some essential items to make your life easier and better.
Ozone Kites is a rider and pilot driven company solely dedicated to creating the best kiting and paragliding equipment on and above the planet. Always well known for their build quality and attention to detail. They have their own factory so you can rely on their design and build quality in all their products. The current Ozone kitesurfing range includes the Catalyst, Amp, Edge, Enduro, Hyperlink, Zephyr,  Reo.  And their land and snow kite range include  Uno, Ignition,  Access, Subzero and R1
Ozone - Wetbag

Ozone Wetbag

The Ozone Wetbag is great for getting changed on so your wetsuit doesn't get sandy or dirty then pull it tight to hold all the wet stuff in so it doesn't leak over the car.
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Ozone - Windsock

Ozone Windsock

Designed originally for paragliders but useful for all kiteflyers. The Ozone Windsock is a simple bright colour windsock to show wind direction and speed.
£11.95 - £18.95
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From Air Fresheners to surf board wax, seat covers and changing mats and everything in between. We area always on the look out for new and exciting board sports accessories that make life easier if boarding on land, snow or the water.