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Safety and Security

We take your safety seriously at ATBShop and always have done so since we started selling online back in 2000. We now serve our entire site using SSL to ensure your entire visit to the site is as secure and private as we can. We have also use an Enhanced Validation SSL certificate which is why you get the green bar up in your address of your browser. This is more complicated than a normal certificate and ensures we are 100% who we say we are and are legitimate website and company. Which is why you normally see the green bar on your bank's website and other high security sites!

ATBShop Green Bar Enhanced SSL Security

To further secure your visit at we also:

  • Do not hold any card details of your purchase these are processed by Stripe or PayPal depending on who you choose to pay with.
  • We use 3D Secure Validation in card purchases to ensure the card holder has authorised the payment.
  • Sophisticated fraud screening  by specialist that monitors card fraud.
  • We regularly scan our server with sophisticated intrusion software to try and break it and ensure everything is up to date with all current patches as soon as security updates happen.
  • All online activity is logged during checkout to give information to the Police about fraudulent activities.
  • We actively cooperate with the police to prosecute people trying to fraudulently attack us or any other person or business.
  • We always apply real people logic to all orders to ensure transactions are secure and valid.

If you want further re-assurance of our security as a company we also employ Feefo a independent agent for asking our customers for honest reviews. We don't get to edit or remove reviews so they are truly what our customers think of us and our products. Click the image to the right to see our most recent feedback which we are very proud of: