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ATBShop Skatewarehouse All Nighter Event Ticket 25th October

The All Nighter Event is back and will be a sell out for 2019! The date is the 25th October and will start from 6pm that Friday!

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The All Nighter Event is back and will be a sell out for 2019! The date is the  25th October and will start from 6pm that Friday so make sure you buy your ticket well in advance as this event is a ticket only event and is forecast to sell out well before the night.

There’s gonna be guaranteed fun all night with loads of games and competitions plus your ticket also gets you a midnight snack and breakfast in the morning! The park can get cold overnight so make sure you bring warm clothes and a warm sleeping bag too, just in case you need a power nap to recharge during the 15 hour session! 

Arrive anytime from 6pm-9pm for the all nighter, after this, the all nighter will be run as a LOCK IN event for safety reasons. Therefore, nobody may arrive after 9pm.

Advance booking for this event is essential and costs just £25 for members and £30 for non members. Make sure you book early to secure your place, call us on 01793 523244 or book in store as tickets are limited.

  • Do I need to book?
    - Yes, this event is always a sell out so please book ASAP.
  • Is there food and drink?
    - Yes a midnight snack of ice cream to keep them going and then a BBQ breakfast in the morning to wake them up. There will also free water so they'll have plenty to keep hydrated.  Additional hot/cold drinks and food are available at extra costs.
  • Should I leave them some money?
    - Yes if you'd like - then they can buy some warm food or a hot drink if they get cold, or some snacks to keep them going - Its going to be a long night so its nice to take a break.
  • What time does it start and finish?
    - Starts at 6pm but you can arrive anytime between 6pm and 10pm.
  • Whats the age limit?
    - This event is strictly over 12 years only.
  • Who's looking after everyone?
    - We have first aid trained staff to look after everyone. If there are problems then the staff are always on hand to help working on rotation. If at any point anyone would like to call home they can and do not need to give a reason. Parents are also welcome to call and check in at any time.
  • How safe is it?
    - Really safe! We lock the front door so no one can go in or out unless there is an emergency. No one is allowed to leave the site once they are here until 9am or they are picked up.
  • Will they sleep?
    - 99% do not but we always say pack a sleeping bag and warm clothes as it can get cold, just in case!
  • My child has a medical condition - will they be ok?
    - Yes we just need to know about their condition and be left with apparatus, For Example: inhalers, epilepsy pens or allergy info etc. What they would normally carry must be here for them.
  • I have a question not listed...?
    - Call us on 017932 523244 or drop us an email.. Diana has attended every single all nighter event here and is always happy to help.

If you have any questions on the product or ordering please call us or use the form below to send us an email directly about this product.