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Urban Rider Games 2019 BMX

ATBShop Skatewarehouse Urban Rider Games 2020 BMX Comp Ticket

A BMX competition aimed at any age and any ability, show off your BMX skills and give it your all to prove that you have what it takes to win.

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This Ticket entitles you an entry into the BMX competition category of the 2020 Urban Rider Games 

PLEASE NOTE DEADLINE FOR FREE TSHIRT HAS PASSED. You can still enter here online and instore on the day for the event but no longer get the free tshirt bonus from advanced entry. There will be limited tshirts available to buy on the day.

The Urban Rider Games 2020 is here and the date is Good Friday, which is the 10th of April. 

Please note: Enter the Rider name when ordering.  If you are ordering for multiple riders the same class and tshirt size please put all names in the box provided.



Do I need to pay to watch?

No. The entire event is free to watch so bring your friends and family along for an action packed day.

Do I need to pay to enter?
Unfortunately the Urban Rider Games costs us thousands to put on. We rely on sponsors to help support this event but that sadly this isn’t enough to cover the costs. We only ask £10 per person, per category to enter and that includes a free T-Shirt (as long as you’ve entered before the 11th of April)

When can I collect my T-Shirt?
Collect your free T-Shirt on the day when you book in or after the event if you have reserved one.

I’m away for the event but still want a T-Shirt.
You can preregister for a T-Shirt as long as it’s bought before the 11th April and it will cost you £10. After that date we cannot guarantee you will be able to buy a T-Shirt. The cost after the 11th April if we have any will be £15. 

What’s “registration” and what’s “booking in”?
“Registration” is where you fill out paper work to say you are competing and then you pay. This must be done before 12pm on the day of the event regardless of category. You can do this by clicking here and paying on line or arriving in store and paying in person.

“Booking in” is to say you are here on the day and are ready to compete – this is where you pick up a timetable, wristband and *T-Shirt. You will also need to sign a disclaimer, which you can do by clicking here and bringing it along on the day signed, or alternatively by bringing along an adult on the day over the age of 18 who will sign for you at booking in.

Can I register on the day?
Registration opens at 10am and closes at 12pm on the 10th April. After this time you will not be able to enter the competition. You can book in at the same time or later that day See booking in times.

I’ve registered and paid now I need to book in what’s the book in cut off times?
You must have paid and registered before 12pm on the 30th March if you’d like to compete regardless of which category you’d like to enter.

Then you MUST book in on the day – collect a *Free T-Shirt and collect a timetable and wristband and hand in a signed disclaimer.

Please note you can book in early for your category and come back but you must be booked into compete before your event starts. If you miss book in then you will lose your money, so please arrive before book in closes for your category.

Book in times:

10am-12pm. If you are in the 8’s and unders, 10’s and unders and Pro 12’s and unders.

2pm-2:30pm for Girls only scooter, Novice and intermediate scooter

3:00-3:30pm intermediate scooter and Pro scooter

6:00-6:30pm BMX and skate Novice

7:00-7:30pm Skate Open

Please note you can book in early and come back – but you must be booked in before the book in time closes for your category.

Whats the times for the day?

***These times are subject to change and should be used as a guide***

10-11:30am - Park open general session £5 per person to ride

10-12:00pm - Registration opens at 10am and closes for under 12’s at 12pm

12:30pm -1pm - 12’s and under scooter warm up

1:00pm – 8’s and under scooter competition starts

1:30pm – 10’s and unders scooter competition starts

2:30pm – 12’s and unders pro scooter competition starts

3:00pm: Girls only scooter and Novice scooter warm up

3:30pm - Girls scooter only competition starts

4:00pm – Novice scooter competition starts

5:00pm – Intermediate scooter and Pro Scooter warm up 

5:30pm – Intermediate scooter competition starts

6:30pm - Pro Scooter competition starts

7:00pm -BMX warm up

7:30pm ­­- BMX Competition starts

8:00pm - Skate warm up starts

8:30pm Skate Novice competition starts

9:00pm Skate Open competition starts

10pm Close

I’m entering what kit do I need?
If you are under 18 a helmet is a must. Over 18’s is optional. Your scooter, skateboard or BMX must be safe. Plastic pegs and Peddles on BMX only and Bar ends. Also Scooters must not have pegs and must have bar ends.

Your wristband also needs to be kept on for the entire day so we know you’re booked in and safe to ride.

Can I ride on the day?
Yes you can pay to ride the park from 10am-11:30am at the cost of Just £5 per person. Then after 11:30am we close the park to set up and the doors will reopen for the event, which starts at 12:15pm.

Riders will also each have a 30-minute warm up before their competition. Please see timetable.

Will there be food and drink at this event?
Yes, tea, coffees and bbq etc will be available on the day. 

Will the shop be open to buy bits?
Yes from 10am-11:30am and then it will reopen at 12:15pm

Can I take photos?
Yes – Riders taking part in this event will have signed a wavier to consent to photo’s and video’s being made from the day. Please also be aware the press will be here. If you are concerned about your child appearing in the media then we would advise like any major event that this event isn’t for you

Category Information

Under 8’s Scooter
    For scooter riders aged 8-10 years and below on the day of the event.
Under 10’s Scooter
    For scooter riders aged 10-12 years and below on the day of the event.
Under 12 Pro Scooter
              For scooter riders under the age of 12 on the day of the event. Riders should have a sponsorship from either a Shop, a Brand or a Supplier. You may enter Pro if you are not sponsored.
Girls Scooter
    Open to all ages, female riders only
Novice Scooter
    You should be able to do simple tricks up to;  Bunnyhop, Manual, 180, Single Tailwhip, Single Bar Spin. Don’t worry if you can’t do any or all of these tricks.
Intermediate Scooter
    You can do tricks greater than those listed under ‘Novice Scooter’ You shouldn’t have a sponsor from a Shop, Brand or Distributor.
Pro Scooter
    You have a sponsor from either a Shop, a Brand or a Supplier. You may enter Pro if you are not sponsored.
Scooter Street
    This category is for those wanting to showcase their skills in street riding. Make the most of the rails, hubba, stair set, flat bank and quarter pipe in a whole new way of riding.
    This one is pretty self explanatory. If you ride BMX this is the one for you.
Novice Skate
    This one is for the skaters just starting out. It’s OK if you can Ollie and kick turn. If you can kickflip you should enter open

Open Skate
    For the more advanced riders. Ride with the crew and take your chances at winning part of over £5k of prizes.

*If you are unsure of which category you should be entering, please give us a call on 01793 523244.
** We reserve the right to withdraw or move your category if you enter into the wrong one.
***T-Shirt Sizes are accurate, pick a size up for oversized


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