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Peter Lynn Uniq Trainer Kite

A revolutionary new way of learning to kite; the Peter Lynn Uniq Single Skin Trainer Kite is the perfect choice for anyone looking to progress their kite flying skills!

£134.50 - £160.95
In Stock & available for UK next day delivery

Unlike anything you have seen before, the Peter Lynn Uniq; three line Trainer kite is the flagship for kite designs to come! This incredible piece of kit is a single skin design meaning use of materials has almost been halved; reducing weight and increasing wind range and the power it holds!

At first we at ATBShop were skeptical, however after getting our hands on the Uniq and taking it out for a fly, we were left astonished. After getting our hands on the Uniq Trainer, we found due to the major weight reduction, these kites held up to 40 - 60% more power than your traditional kite in the same size...This kite will fly and give you a good tug by almost breathing on it! 

Virtually indestructible, the Uniq Trainer boasts it's very own unique ability to reduce if not completely remove the very concept of impact damage on a kite when crashing it by simply folding into the ground unlike traditional air-ram kites where this can create wear and tears within the cells. It doesnt stop there; having such a simple design with the use of a bar makes for super easy, stable and reliable flying that will not collapse or overfly, making for the most ideal trainer kite for anyone looking to get into kiting, available on the market!

With its lightweight design and minimal construction, the Uniq Trainer will also pack down nice and small for transporting to the local beach or park.

Whether you want to progress in to kite landboarding, kitesurfing, starting your own school or just looking for fun, look no further than the Peter Lynn Uniq Trainer Kite!

The specs:

  • Low aspect ratio kite
  • 3- Line trainer
  • Webbing reinforced leading edge
  • Reinforced air intakes and bridle points
  • Life lines
  • Trainer bar with safety system
  • Velcro bridle loop
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