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Airhole Airhood in Heather Grey

Airhole Polar Airhood in Heather Grey


Sick of getting a cold head during those crazy conditions when wanting to ride it out all the way? No problem, the Airhole Airhood will keep your head warm and protected without any build up of moisture!

Out of stock. Sorry, This item is now Discontinued.

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All new for 2016 season we have the Airhole Airhood; designed to keep your head away from the elements and lightweight enough to be worn comfortably without bother. With a silicone Airhole breath hole, the Airhood prevents any build up of moisture causing a cold and frosty face. A favourite to the pro riders for its capability of being pulled over a helmet and pulled down for a cosy neck for lunch.

Antibacterial Fabrics
There's nothing worse than finding germs, mold or fungus on a garment, except maybe a live animal like a bear. That's arguably worse, but bacteria are pretty damn nasty and airhole have found a way to repel it!  Airholes have Antimicrobial coatings.
Infusing your Airhole in an antimicrobial coating has 3 big benefits:
1. Bye Bye Stinky  - Say adios to your stinky sweat.
2. Last Longer  - Your mask stays extra fresh now.
3. Keep Clean - A clean face will make you 25% more attractive.

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