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i love mms its the best :)) Posted by: Kieran Gibbons | 23 December 2011 8.17 PM
this shop is very good but i bought a scooter from your store and my scooter snapped witch cost me £250 and this £500 pound would allow me to buy a new scooter and safety equipment. i would spend the money on all kinds of different scooter parts and build up a very strong custom scooter thank you. Posted by: Aaron Elsdon | 23 December 2011 7.14 PM
you shop is fab and lovely to talk to and get on with.and would be awsom to will the £500 as i would build a costom. Posted by: jordan richardson | 23 December 2011 7.01 PM
Omg! That has to be the best competition ever! To win that would be the best Christmas present! And the £500 on what ever you won't. WOW Posted by: Tobi Lee | 23 December 2011 6.28 PM
Having spoken to several similar shops staff were extremely knowledgeable and helpful at ATB. They distilled confidence in being able to aid the purchase of products I had no knowledge of. I would not hesitate to recommend. Posted by: David Crichton | 23 December 2011 11.28 AM
i realy want a scooter again i had to sell my old one for the money so to win that much money would be amazinggggg !!!!!. x Posted by: Tarin | 22 December 2011 1.21 AM
your shop is good because your scooter part are all nice. your staff are lovely to talk
to on the phone Posted by: ash | 20 December 2011 10.14 PM
if i was to win 500 pounds at your shop it would be on a new custom scooter because your shop sells amazing scooter parts. your staff are lovely to speak to on the phone and most likely lovley in person many thanks :) Posted by: jack | 19 December 2011 6.37 PM
shop is ace for my son got all the parts for his scooter Posted by: Joanna Cook | 13 December 2011 8.09 PM
got amazing scooter stuff and staff well good to talk to! also i need better stuff for my scooter so it would be amazing to get the £500 spending money and what a treat to spend £500 at your shop also just a aamazing shop in UK!! :) Posted by: jack (hutchy) | 12 December 2011 6.39 PM
best shop going throughout UK and ineed to get better scooter stuff so my scooter will look better!!! good to talk with the people who work there also it would be great to spend the £500 on alot of stuff at your shop!! :) Posted by: jack hutchison | 11 December 2011 7.55 PM
This is such a sick website and you sell such legit stuff so to win £500 on your store would be a dream come true!! Posted by: Todd Brewer | 10 December 2011 7.55 PM
this shop great for scooters Posted by: louise | 27 November 2011 3.27 PM
this shop is amazing for scooters Posted by: James Oliver | 27 November 2011 3.25 PM
great online scooter shop , staff are fantastic and so so helpful , other shops could learn alot from you . Thanks for everything , i even get a chance to win money . SUPERB Posted by: martin wyllie | 22 November 2011 11.48 AM
Great website best scooter shop in the world hope I win £500.00 ace shop Posted by: Lewis Webb age 8 | 21 November 2011 7.19 PM
i love your scooter website i think its the the best scooter website in the uk.
i always get my scooter parts from this website i think its a good idea that anyone could 500 pounds. :-)
Posted by: cameron | 19 November 2011 8.03 PM
Two sons constantly at skateparks wearing out scooter bits it would be amazing to have the £500 !! Posted by: Marie Webster | 18 November 2011 7.48 PM
shop is great and staff very helpful and nice for a chance to enter a competition. Posted by: simon dorkin | 17 November 2011 7.59 PM
this is a great shop for scooters and skate boards so this is a good shop for me and i want to win £500 spending money.
Posted by: Louise Oliver | 17 November 2011 7.57 PM
keep fighting the cause Posted by: Marcus Adey | 14 November 2011 3.57 PM
amazing shop love scooters and really need to buy new one Posted by: tyler hobbs | 04 November 2011 5.19 PM
This shop is amazing im getting the grit blue and black today Posted by: Max | 30 October 2011 9.16 AM
great stores Posted by: thomas dewhurst | 24 October 2011 5.03 PM

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