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Kite Buggies

Kite buggies are three wheeled carts for traction kiting. These are a way to harness the wind to pull you along at speed! We do a full range of buggies and spare parts for them, from basic recreational buggies to full race buggy and everything in between. All the buggies we stock are good quality and solid construction not cheap copies and are available with spares and support.

Peter Lynn Comp XR+

The Peter Lynn Comp XR is our buggy of choice for beginner to intermediate riders. It's really stable and well built to survive the bumps and speed of kite buggy riding.
£469.00 - £559.00

Peter Lynn Standard wheel

Standard wheels are great for normal all round use. The standard wheels are made for hard-normal sand or grass and fit every buggy or fork. The standard wheels are placed on a...
£30.00 - £33.50

Peter Lynn Wide wheel

The extra wide wheels are for all round use but giving more grip and a better performance when riding on softer sand. They are made for normal sand or grass and when used as a...
£49.50 - £58.59

Peter Lynn Back axle

Back axle for spare parts and upgrades, available in a variety of options: * Competition Standard Axle 90cm - 32mm - 12mm Thread - Freestyle, Recreation * Competition...
£45.00 - £83.00

Peter Lynn Walk of Shame Buggy Tow

It's a long walk over the dunes or the beach to the kite area and it's a pain to carry a buggy so keep this stowed on the back axle and make it easy to tow the buggy along!

Peter Lynn Big Foot

The Big Foot+ buggy can handle any kind of terrain.Its big balloon wheels allow you to ride on hard or soft sand where your standard wheel won't even be able to roll!The down tube...