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Kheo have been around on the mountainboard and kite scene for years and know how to make great boards, at affordable prices. Kheo is owned by the same company as Peter Lynn, a very large kite brand. 
Kheo - Bazik V3 8inch Mountainboard

Kheo Bazik V3 8inch Mountainboard

Downhill? Freestyle? or Kite landboarding? Whatever you want to throw at this mountainboard the Bazik does it all!
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Kheo - Coil Leash Mountainboard

Kheo Coil Leash Mountainboard

This is the standard coil leash made by kheo which is required and recommended when you ride your board with releasable bindings. Stop those run away boards with a coil leash.
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Kheo - Core V2 Junior Mountainboard

Kheo Core V2 Junior Mountainboard

The Kheo Core V2 is a mountain board aimed at junior riders. Ideal for children up to around 10 years old. Kheo Core features a smaller and narrower deck for shorter legs and softer turning.
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new Kheo - Epic V2 Kite Landboard

Kheo Epic V2 Kite Landboard

Kite landboard freeride and freestyle riders look no further, the Kheo Epic V2 is what you've been looking for.
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Kheo - Flyer V2 Mountainboard

Kheo Flyer V2 Mountainboard

The Kheo Flyer V2 is a great slightly shorter channel truck board ideal for kite flyers or shorter downhill riders wanting super stable board for speed runs or prefer channel trucks.
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Kheo - Kicker V3 Mountainboard

Kheo Kicker V3 Mountainboard

The Kheo Kicker V3 is a great board for starting junior mountainboarding or adult kiteboarding. Perfect as a junior or smaller adult downhill board with reliable parts and great ride.
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