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Peter Lynn 4 Line Control Bar V2

Want to use a bar with your 4 Line power kite? The PLKB 4 Line Powerkite V2 control bar is perfect, ideal for almost all modern 4 line kites fits sizes from 2m - 6m.

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The 4-Line Peter Lynn PLKB V2 Power Kite Control Bar lets you fly your 4-Line Fixed Bridle Foil with ease. This bar design allows you to fly your kite with precise control and good kite response.

The new V2 design has added in a crossover style control system to improve turning speed on all kites. The rear pulley equalises the brake lines and keeps the kite flying fast while the extra connection to the brake lines allows for precise fast steering when turning hard on the bar. Still with a kite likker wrist strap.

Using a 4 line bar on a powerkite is a great progression into learning depower kites and also f you are interested in learning to kitesurf at a later date.

The 4-Line Power Kite Bar features a self-landing handle and wrist leash for easy self-landing and for staking the kite on the ground safely.


PLKB 4 Line Power Kite Control Bar V2 Instructions

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  • EVA foam grip
  • Line winders on each end of the bar easily hold 25m of line and keep the leader lines safely away from your hands while steering
  • Safety wrist leash (Kite Killer); when the bar is released it kills the kite's power by pulling the brake lines which stalls the kite safely to the ground
  • Central  trim system with pulley to allow brakes to run freely during aggressive steering.
  • One Hand (one tug) Reverse Launch System for simple self recovery and re-launching with ease. One pull easily flips the kite right side up

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