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Peter Lynn Vector Dyneema Quad Power Kite Lines

These Vector Lines are a matched quad set ideal for replacing on quad line power kites. Colour coded and pre-stretched they are great replacements for broken or old lines.

£44.95 - £59.95
In Stock & available for UK next day delivery

The Vector Kite Lines are a top quality Dyneema Flying Line. These are a quad four line set designed for 4 line kite flying and are matched in length and pre-stretched. Colour coded sleeving on each side makes it easier to connect and untangle. Two lines come pre-wrapped on a plastic kite winder ready to go so you get two winders and four lines in the pack.

Please note line colours may vary  depending on strength and batches so can't be guaranteed.  We recommend changing quad lines together if you have a breakage or problem as the lines do stretch over time and need to be adjusted.

20m @ 300/100Kg Quad - £44.95
20m @ 210/110Kg Quad - £44.95
25m @ 210/110Kg Quad - £49.95

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