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ATBShop HQ Alpha Kheo Kicker Kiteboard Pack

The Kheo Kicker and the HQ Alpha powerkite make an awesome package that is great on the pocket and rides even better. Comes with a bullet skate helmet in the deal to complete the package.

£289.95 - £304.95
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The Kheo Kicker and the HQ Alpha package deal is designed to get you up and landboarding with great quality equipment at the most cost effective price. The Kicker and the Alpha are great solid performing products and more than capable of getting you zooming across the beach or the field. Also included in the package is the bullet skate helmet as protection is important and required at many flying sites.

The HQ Alpha four line power kite has been designed to be a cost efficient kite to start people off into traction kiting. The Alpha kite has all the performance and durability you need but with easy handing and user friendliness that helps get you through the initial stages of flying and traction kiting.  Stable flying characteristics and great power delivery means it's not just a beginner kite take it out in the right amount of wind and this kite can still get you zooming along the beach! Stable and predictable lift is there too but this is not the kite that's going to be taking you to the stars on a jump but also won't lift you out the buggy so easily on a powered turn.  

The Kheo Kicker Kiteboard is designed as an entry level junior and adult kite board. The Kheo Kicker is a great riding and well specified board for a first board for getting into basic downhill riding or kiting. The budget is spent where needed to give a quality ride at a great price. The wood deck is tough with good quality bindings, The hubs and tyres are no frills but quality.  A solid board for starting out in the sport that handles great. 

There is a choice of 2.5m and 3.5m kites the 2.5m would be advisable for older juniors (14+) and smaller adults with the 3.5m ideal for larger adults (i.e. over 11 stone).  All traction kites are very powerful and we would recommend learning in lighter winds to begin with. For kite boarding packages to suit younger flyers please call us to get the custom package right for them.

Kiteboard/Landboard Package Prices:

  • HQ Alpha 2.5m with Kheo Kicker and Helmet = Normally £322.90 - Package Price = £289.95
  • HQ Alpha 3.5m with Kheo Kicker and Helmet = Normally £337.90 - Package Price = £304.95

Please make a note of the helmet size you require in the notes section when ordering

Kheo / HQ Kiteboard Package Deal Contents:

  • HQ Alpha Kite complete with Bag, Lines, Handles and Kite Killers (2.5m/3.5m)
  • Bullet Triple Pad Set (Adult Size)
  • Bullet Skate Helmet ( S/M 54cm - 57cm or L/XL  59 - 62cm)
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