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Black Eye G3 Clipper 160 Wide Angle Lens


The wide angle clipper is super versatile and gives a wide barrelled shot a little wider than the fish eye lens version without the black circle edges. Clip it to the front or back camera.

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The Black Eye Wide Angle Clipper Lens is the wide angle version of the fish eye and is back with an all new clip and sleek design. This gives the super wide barrel GoPro style look to the shots without the black circle edges . The clip on the lens is super strong so holds it in place easily even when riding and moving about. The Clip versions of the Black Eye's are the most versatile in our opinion as it allows you to use it on the front and main camera for super good filming and super wide selfie shots! If you want the wide shot and want the barrelled black edges shot look then the fish eye version is the one to go for rather than the wide angle one. Check out the images below to show how much is actually shown as we think in use you get as much usable image in the wide angle as the fish and it's less distorted.

Black Eye G3 Wide Angle Fish Eye Comparison

We have tried out many different phone lens's before the black eye ones and they just have got the product super right! Forget the rest, get the black eye lens and you won't regret it! Comes as a great package with carry bag and lens cap included so it can just be put in your pocket or bag when not using the lens on your phone.

Black Eye G3 160 Wide Angle Package Includes:

  • Black Eye – 160° Fisheye Lens
  • Universal attachment clip
  • Lens cap
  • Microfiber bag

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