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Ozone Go V1 Universal Kitesurf Trainer Kite

Flying kites has never been so easy and accessible with the all new Ozone Go V1 Universal Kitesurf Trainer Kite. 2.1m wing span and no kite flying experience required!

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Go! Kite and get the most out of learning an all new sport with the Ozone Go V1 Universal Trainer Kite. Using a highly unique single surface design the Ozone Go V1 is not only super easy to set up but even easier to fly, loop and man-oeuvre around in the sky. Light wind? No problem! The Ozone Go V1 will almost fly by breathing on it due to its exceptionally lightweight design offering a hugely diverse wind range to get out flying in!

The Ozone Go is 2.1m windspan but due to it's single skin design it is super efficient so pulls more like a 3m and with the leading edge  spines it is still stable in strong winds unlike other single skins. Also super durable in crashes as can't pop any cells.

Ozone Go Kitesurf Trainer Kite

The Ozone Go Trainer 1.5m sounds small in comparison to other trainer kites but it's not it is classed as 1.5m squared in size but the wing span is 2.1m and depth of kite 75cm and being a single skin then it really packs a punch. Most other trainer kites are listed as wind span so it makes this a larger rather than smaller sized trainer. 

Generating consistent power at a low airspeed the Go V1 is very easy and forgiving to handle with a simple two line control bar and wrist leash safety system to bring the kite down when you want to. This not only enables you to kill off any power instantly but also allows you to land the kite by yourself if you at all feel uneasy with the amount of power generated from the kite in gusty conditions etc. 

Being a single skin kite makes the Ozone Go V1 an ideal choice for anyone looking to learn this epic sport as the kite does not retain air inside which makes it exceptionally durable to crash damage on flat land (of course nothing but yourself can protect a kite from trees and rocks!). This lightweight design also makes for a very compact and easy to transport kite-in-a-bag for whenever the wind and mood takes you!

The Ozone Go V1 Universal Trainer Kite Specs:

  • Wingspan 216cm
  • Wing Depth 75cm
  • Exceptional Ozone Factory Quality
  • Single Surface Design
  • High Quality OzTex 40D 
  • Complete with Ozone Two-Line Control Bar + Wrist Strap

Ozone Go Kite Trainer Specifications and Wind Range Graph

Ozone Go Kite Surf Trainer Kite Kids learn to kite

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