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Peter Lynn Hornet Power Kite

fantastic beginner and intermediate 4 line traction kite

Progress your kite flying and riding skills with the PLKB Hornet now in it's 5th version. Ideal for people wanting to learn to power kite, board or buggy with a good quality foil

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Looking for your first ever serious look into power kiting? Take it from us, your search has come to an end!

The Peter Lynn PLKB Hornet V power kite is all anyone; beginner to intermediate needs in their life to mess around in the park or get going on the buggy and land board! Featuring unmatching stability and power development, the Hornet has been and always will be a personal favourite to the ATBShop Team. Possibly our best selling traction kite, the PLKB Hornet is easy to fly yet provides a lot of grunt making it the perfect addition to a mountainboard or buggy for any level.  The Hornet is a progression kite where as you get better at flying the kite cleaner then it responds with more power and response. Starting off on buggy or board the PLKB Hornet is a reliable traction kite to get you flying down the beach and keeps on pulling well when moving.

The new PLKB Hornet is it's 5th version but is only a tweak from the super popular 4th version with new  updated materials, colours and accessories to refresh the kite.

PLKB Hornet Kite Buggying Traction Power Kite

Its quick and easy quad line design makes for quick setup whether you choose to fly with handles or a bar (Bar sold separately).  Featuring a wrist leash safety system also you can rest assured knowing letting go of the kite isn't going to be the last you see of it! Other features this kite has are reinforced leading and trailing edge because everyone crashes their kite once in a while, dyneema flying lines and bridling, velcro loops to help prevent tangles when packing the kite away and sand outlets to prevent a build up of sand and dirt in the kite after a heavy session!

Overall if your looking for a "my first SERIOUS traction/ power kite" then trust us. You will not be disappointed with the PLKB Hornet!

The Peter Lynn PLKB Hornet comes complete with:

  • Peter Lynn Hornet Kite
  • 4- line handles OR 4- Line Control Bar
  • Quad set of 20m dyneema flying lines
  • Peter Lynn Hornet IV bag
  • Kite killer safety leash
  • Ground stake
  • Instruction manual
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